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Have you seen the artist who takes her two year old’s scribbles and turns them into works of art?  Seeing this story on Bored Panda, reminded me of a conversation I had with a young lady, that was in my life way too briefly, who was a deep, loving soul. She had gotten out of jail and was living at our church’s compassion home. She was getting a second chance at life and she was beyond excited. I was helping her get to her appointments and was always changed by our talks.

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We were talking about her life and God, and how He is making a masterpiece of our life. I added how we seem to decide to help God out and we grab a crayon and start scribbling on the His beautiful work of art. She pointed out how cool it was that God sees our scribbles and then works them into His masterpiece. He is not thrown off by our efforts.

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Sometimes I think of my friend who had many scribbles on her masterpiece and how God continually worked it in, and made beautiful things out of her life. She had a deep compassionate heart and saw life as so fresh and new. She knew she had messed up and would mess up again, but then I would hear stories of how God was using her to love the least, in a place that seemed so unlikely. Her life ended with a large scribble, but I continue to be amazed at how God is adding the right colors and lines to make a masterpiece of my friend’s very scribbled life.

There is no one who has covered their masterpiece with too many scribbles. There is always hope. May we not give up on our masterpiece that God is creating or someone else’s. May we hold onto hope that the God who made 66 shades of green and created the whole world can handle our scribbles and make something beautiful for the world to see His handiwork.

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One thought on “Scribbles

  1. Such a wonderful reminder of the work that God is doing in each of us. Peggy thank you for these I am so blessed by them. Keep writing my sweet friend God is using it!
    Love you

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