Battlefield Position

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Recently, I was in church and we were singing songs that were metaphors of the battle we are in. We were singing songs about the battle belonging to the Lord and how the Lord is a shield about us. I was moved to go up to the altar to lay down the battles that people are in at our church, and asking God to be a shield over them and me in these situations. My heart aches for the many hard situations, my heart is also unsteady in the ones that are mine or that I have a role in. A sweet lady in our church came up to join me and pray over me. She was praying many things, but one thing she said has stuck with me and is taking on such a profound root in me. I love word pictures. They help me see things better. I was already thinking of things in battle language and this woman said, “may she know what her position is on the battlefield.”  My soul resonated with that. I felt a “yes, that is it,” well up in me.  As I have pondered, that metaphor has taken on a fuller more powerful picture for me.

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In a battle there is one in charge, who tells people where they are to be and what they are to do. Some are to cross the enemy line to search and rescue, some are front line battle, others are air cover, some are medics, some are wounded and in the medic tent, the positions are endless and specific. If someone is out of position it can cause a battle to go terribly wrong. It can cause harm to oneself or others. It can jeopardize a mission. Pretty much I want to volunteer for search and rescue on every mission. That is not my role in all the many battles. Just because something is my strength or perceived strength, does not mean that is mine to do. I need to meet with the general and ask what my position is to be and then do it.

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This is such a simple picture, but is empowering to visualize this and to see where my position is. In some, I am an advisor, others I am the wounded, some I am air cover… very few are search and rescue, or I was that role, but now my role is different and I need to listen closely for the new orders. I am thankful that God is with me and for me. I do not go into the battle alone or unprepared. My job is to listen, love, and obey and allow Him to work out the plan. He sees the whole picture, not just the little piece I have.  I am asking myself, “am I checking in with the one who knows all of it, and holds the future?,” “Am I trusting that whatever He asks of me is truly my role, nothing more and nothing less?,” “Do I believe that the battle belongs to the Lord and victory is already won?” There is peace and power in that.



One thought on “Battlefield Position

  1. So very powerful.
    What is our position to be for this battle. May we have ears to hear and an obedient heart to obey.
    May we stay in our lane!!


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