31 Things I Learned During Write 31 Days

fishbowl 1(1)Well October has come to an end and I wrote for 31 days straight as part of a community challenge Write31days.com. For years I have followed and found many of the bloggers I follow today from this community. It was neat to be part of it.  My theme was “Lessons from a fishbowl”. I am trying to figure out what my own structure will be as I learn how to blog. So today I look at what I learned over the last 31 days not in any particular order.

  1. I can do it
  2. I didn’t need to wait for perfect
  3. It feels a bit more exposing than I thought it would
  4. Writing is definitely a craft and art form, I kept wishing I had more time to tweak and then kept wanting to edit
  5. Accountability was helpful and made me keep writing even on super busy days
  6. People liked the ones that I wasn’t sure how I felt about them
  7. God had taught me lessons on perspective and seeing through His view often and in many different ways
  8. I keep being given lessons on being fully present (This week there was another opportunity to learn this)
  9. I like books and like to share them
  10. I like picking the pictures and having the visual part connect
  11. I mix metaphors a lot
  12. Being ahead would be helpful to be able to edit more
  13. I am no longer judging bloggers’ grammar mistakes as harshly
  14. People are so kind and gracious
  15. Having real life people mention your blog to you is a little weird- I apparently didn’t know who my audience would be since I only know a handful of the many bloggers I follow
  16. It was a good exercise to force me to structure my thoughts
  17. I have way more to say than I realized
  18. I have way less to say than I was thinking in the past… those scraps were supposed to be chapters of a book but one short blog post sufficed
  19. I have a new admiration for long term writers
  20. Writing shapes my thinking
  21. So many lessons and stories that have had a profound effect on my life are not mine to tell
  22. I have not figured out a good way to tell a story that involves a piece that is someone else’s story
  23. I had to choose vulnerability to keep the story personal and not kick into preaching a lesson
  24. I had to back space over many preachy lessons
  25. I am tempted  to tell more than show
  26. Choosing to do Saturday as resources and Sunday as quotes was helpful in helping me get to my goal (although my son said that was cheating)
  27. There was no blog police to tell me that the above was cheating
  28. I was so encouraged by friends and long lost friends who connected through this
  29. The structure of having a specific topic to write on was helpful
  30. Having a goal of 31 days was helpful to keep me writing
  31.  I am still working on the future and logistics of the blog and that’s okay




2 thoughts on “31 Things I Learned During Write 31 Days

  1. Excuse me but I’m not ready for this to be over!!! I found myself looking forward to your bits of wit and wisdom everyday. Please keep writing there is so much that you still need to share!!!


    1. 🙂 Thank you so much for that. I am going to do a 30 Gratitude challenge to keep me writing. Thank you for all your encouragement.


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