I Did Not See That Coming

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A long time ago in a far away galaxy lived a young teenage girl who was pretty sure she knew the narrative of her life. She was going to attend college and become a teacher. Maybe get married around 30, if she had completed all the levels of education she desired, or maybe just adopt some kids, definitely adopt a dog or two. I remember being this girl and a pastor at a camp told me I would marry a pastor. I laughed heartily, and let him know how greatly impossible that was, and if I did, he would probably get fired quickly from his church because of me.

Living around the corner from the camp where that person declared this truth many decades ago at the church with my husband, who has now been a pastor for 15 years is mind blowing to me, and those who knew me well. I laugh at my life and give thanks. If someone had mentioned the other pieces of this life, I definitely would have thought they were crazy, even my husband would have thought they were way off base.

dptwoOne of the biggest surprises and greatest gifts for me has been the life I am blessed to live. I am thankful that God did not give me my own desires, and slowly changed my heart’s desires. I am so blessed to be married for 27 years.  I married much sooner than 30, and as crazy as I still think that is, I would not change that for anything.  I have been blessed with a good man. He was a physical education major when we met, but through his own journey of sports and fitness jobs, and business jobs, he ended up in full time ministry with me by his side.

familyBesides the surprise of getting married and at a young age, I also have been blessed with two crazy boys. The surprises kept coming as I ended up homeschooling them all the way through. Even when I made peace with staying home, and then homeschooling in the early years I never could have imagined schooling them all the way through. What a blessing it turned out to be, but not one I knew to want or even desire.

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God continues to generously bless and surprise me daily in major life ways, and in small personal ways. I continue to stand amazed at how gracious God has been, and how He continues to surprise me with the story He is writing in my life. I am thankful He did not wait for me to get to a point that I could pick this narrative, but instead, slowly has grown this life in me and around me. That is one of my biggest surprises that I am so thankful for.


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