Thanksgiving Treasure

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Happy Thanksgiving! Today mixes a few of my favorite things. Family, good food, intentional gratitude, and this year, my firstborn’s 21st  birthday. So many emotions involved as life continues to march on, and as I try to find a new rhythm and groove. We have a tradition, well I have one that whoever eats with us humors me with, I started keeping a Thanksgiving book years ago where each person records somethings they are thankful for that year. We have early handwriting of my boys and the nephews. We have grandmas, who have now passed, and what they were thankful for in their handwriting. Each year I pull it out, there are lots of moans and complaints about this book and why do we do it, but I find them re-reading their old entries and laughing at being thankful for Elmo or Cheerios or whatever it was that year.

annvThis year when we were packing, it somehow did not make it on my list of things to bring. To be honest it has been a November where I never even opened my Thanksgiving box of special decorations, music, and books. My goal was to make it to Myrtle Beach to reunite with my family. We made it and I am so thankful. This transitional season of life is so exciting, but definitely a challenge with an achy heart and sometimes a bit too nostalgic.  So I will grab some paper and still have everyone write, much to their chagrin, and staple it into the book. I am learning how not to miss these moments because they are not how I want to be. It is still not natural for me, but it is coming along. Every rep makes me stronger and is helping me to grow into this season.

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I am so thankful for this extra time to spend with family, especially time with my birthday boy. I am thankful for each year we are given. I know this is not a guarantee given to all. I am receiving it as the gift it is. Life will continue to change, and holidays will continue to evolve, so instead of living the moments in wishing for the past, I am practicing being grateful for what is, and finding that I am blessed with far more than I ever could imagine.


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