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Changes and transitions define this season of my life. All are good, some are super hard, and some are freeing. This past June we graduated our last child from our homeschool. My older son had one year under his belt away from home, living on his own. We have been getting used to doing life differently there, but with both graduated and Nagy Academy shutting its doors the changes came in larger quantities this past year. The last bunch of years have been a slow transition into that change. As much as I miss that structured time, I am thankful for the next season which seems to be more transition as one finishes up, and the other figures out what direction he will head.

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I thought I would be taking some classes, and maybe doing some volunteering in the community. God lead me in a different direction, and I found myself subbing in school again. It is not so outlandish since I am certified as an elementary teacher, but the surprising pieces have been how much I have enjoyed it. They have not placed me in a regular elementary classroom because I said yes to subbing in High School.  Apparently people are not knocking down the doors to sub at that level. They are missing out though. Teens continue to entertain me and make me laugh. I love how ready they are to chat. If you listen carefully, and ask the right questions, you will find yourself in a full blown, interesting conversation with a teen or two.

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As surprising as all this has been, the change I really have been thankful for has been in me. Many moons ago, I subbed all over the place, and ran an after school program, and finally got a teaching job. I remember feeling pressured and uptight. I watch and listen to the young newbie teachers and see the stress, worry, and frustration on their faces. I want to tell them all to relax and enjoy it. These kids just want to be seen and know you care. It has been fun, yes some days are hard, and others are challenging, but they do not define me. This is something I get to do. It is a privilege for this in between season as I figure out my next steps. One of the gifts has been a space where I can see how much I have changed as a human being. At home it is hard to really see it. I know I have changed and grown over the years, but in school I can see it and feel it. So for this change of heading back into the schools, especially the high schools, I am thankful.


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