Top 5 Blog Posts 2018

So this time of year bloggers share their most popular posts. I am not sure  how to judge most popular posts at this infant stage of my blog, so I am sharing them based on views. Most of the comments or shares have been off of Facebook, so it is hard to tell in a specific way, but these seem to be ones that were viewed and/or shared the most.

beach beauty fun girl
I Did Not See That Coming

Peggy's Pictures 049
Glistening Silos


adult bride celebrate celebration
The Pastor’s Wife

big bulldozer clear sky construction
God Buys Dirt

84 out of 90 days since I started this blogging endeavor I have shared something, who would have thought I had so much to say… okay well I know I have a lot to say, but so much to write. This has been a great new habit to help me structure my thoughts, and be intentional with my life. I have been so thankful for the gifts I have found as I look back, and as I think about specific topics. I have been humbled and blessed by the people who take time to read my words, and for the kind encouragement of them. I am thankful for new opportunities and communities to be part of. It is such a blessing how God wove certain things into my life at such a time as this. I am thankful we are never done growing and changing. I am thankful that God can take something old and give new gifts from it. I am looking forward to growing as a thinker and writer. I am hoping to learn more of the tricks of the trade but even more learning to fine tune my ability to see life and be fully present in receiving and giving what is available.

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