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Outside my window: Grey skies, rain

Enjoying: Writing and Reading. My sister-in-law told us about the Play Jeopardy with Alexa feature, so we have been doing that at night. It has been fun seeing what we know and what we have no clue about. We’ve had some interesting conversations off of it.

Listening to:  Radio Theater’s Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis when we traveled back from visiting family and dropping my boy off to head back to school. The whole series of  Narnia from Radio Theater is so good. I haven’t found what music or podcast is my jam right now. I am open to suggestions.

Reading:  Finished Made for the Journey by Elisabeth Elliot for a Revell review.

Just started: It’s Okay Not to be Okay by Sheila Walsh

Holiness: Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties and Roots by J.C. Ryle- This one will be slow one. I am using it as a supplement during my morning quiet time. I want to make sure I take time to ponder the ideas and digest them.

So many great books to read this year. I am looking forward especially to Scott Sauls new one, Irresistible Faith, that is coming this month. The pre-order was gifted to me. Christie Purifoy is coming out with a new one in March that I am looking forward to, Placemaker: Cultivating Places of Comfort, Beauty, and Peace. I love her writing, and her thinking challenges me. I am resisting the temptation to request Michelle Obama’s new book Becoming and The Heath brothers’ newest Power of the Moment from the library. Chip Heath was on Craig Groeschel’s leadership podcast talking about the book and some interesting points were made. I always enjoy the Heath books. They are super practical and help me look at certain ideas differently.

Pondering: Identity… I stumbled onto this as my word or idea to pursue this year. I am finding it is not as straight forward as I was thinking. Trying not to force it and allow God to lead this journey.

Learning: To be intentional in small steps instead of waiting until I can do it all perfectly or fully. Also trying to learn how to use a wipe off board to structure my plans and ideas for this space. My younger son gave it to me as a gift. He’s my administrative guy.

Home: Trying to clean up from the holidays and find a new rhythm.

Fitness and Mental Health: Well, if once every week and a half was my goal I would be succeeding in exercise. I am fighting a cold right now so I am focused on rest even though I am tempted to push. Keeping the candle burning in the afternoon, spending mornings being still, taking time to read are definitely important for my mental health.

Giving Thanks: Thankful for time as a family over the holidays. I am so thankful that my oldest could be home for over 2 weeks, even though we miss him terribly now. I am thankful for my husband’s family who celebrates with us and remembers us and our special days. I am thankful for friends who pray for me when my heart is achy.  I am thankful for the encouragement friends, family, and some new internet friends have given me over my efforts here on the blog.

Planning Ahead: The next month of life. Trying to figure out what things I need to be thinking about and getting a handle on.




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