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Outside my window: The sun has made a few visits and it makes a world of difference. One morning was a beautiful winter wonderland.


Enjoying: Vanilla Bean Candle, the amazing beauty of frost, warm fuzzy socks and comfy clothes …

Listening to: Passion 2019 talks. They were all so good.

Reading:  Finished It’s Okay Not to be Okay by Sheila Walsh, it was a fast read. Her last book In the Middle of the Mess deeply impacted me in a surprising way, this book feels like an addendum to that book. Many good reminders and thoughts that are practical.

“God never rushes us through our pain. He sits with us for as long as it takes.” (49)

“‘But God was with him (Joseph) and rescued him from all his troubles.’ Twelve words, a capsule of the truth. But when we step back into Joseph’s story we see it took thirteen years. Thirteen years to unfold. Thirteen years is a very long time to believe God’s with you when every circumstance of your life says otherwise.” (98)

“Miracles will never change us; obedience to Christ does that.” (152)

Then I started reading too many books because that’s what I do. I am hoping I will settle into one…

Counsel from the Cross: connecting broken people to the love of Christ by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick and Dennis E. Johnson

Love Thy Body by Nancy Pearcy (someone loaned it to me a long time ago. I need to read it so I am diving in.)

The Writing Life by Annie Dillard- How have I not read her before? Amazing writing. Putting Pilgrim at Tinder Creek on my to read list this year.

On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life through Reading Well by Karen Pryor Swallow is my book to bring on subbing days.

Yes, I know that is too many, but they need to be in rotation because each one is heavy and needs the right mood.

Pondering: Words and the use of some words and what they imply by their nature. Working on a post or two about this.

Learning:I am still very tempted by the “Superhero Syndrome” even as I am leading a class on becoming a woman of prayer, my first tendency is to jump in the car, or make phone calls to fix or help, instead of taking them immediately to Abba, and trusting that is more than enough.

Home: Finally got Christmas fully taken care of. This year I wanted to throw away, give away, and sort like items. It felt good to do it. Did the same with my closet. Hoping that I can keep this momentum going.

Fitness and Mental Health: Still fighting this cold. Decided to pick one thing that I can do no matter what daily. After discussing with my physical trainer (my son) about what that one daily commitment should be: pushups, crunches, or planks, he told me planks after telling me how pathetic I was, and that all three daily should be no problem. They are my goals but I decided I needed to pick just 1 to choose to be successful, and anything else is bonus win.  Keeping the candle burning in the afternoon, spending mornings being still, taking time to read are definitely important for my mental health. Pulled the camera out again to help me be intentional to look for beauty.

Giving Thanks: For women who pray. For the ladies in my Sunday School class and all the ways they help me see a fuller picture of the Scriptures. Thankful for sons with tender, kind hearts who step up when they see a need. Thankful to have been part of a book launch team. It was super fun and very encouraging. Thankful for some other communities online to connect with to grow as a writer. So thankful for technology to stay connected with people who are precious to me.


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