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Out my Window: Freezing cold temperature but beautiful morning sky. The moon is so big and bright. The stars were so clear and then pink morning sky.

Enjoying: A couple hibernation days. Baking goodies. I bought two lemons and have them on a dish with my vanilla candle with a sprig of green and the word joy that someone wrote for me.. I love this simple centerpiece on my kitchen counter. The pop of yellow makes me happy.

Listening to: the sermon from my son’s church, it was on Doubt, I appreciated it.

Also listened to Craig Groeschel’s series on habits, appreciated the focus on identity, “who before do”

Re-listened to Jill Briscoe’s talk on listening in prayer

Reading: So I thought snowy days would bring lots of reading but each one is a slow read, so I rotated through a little of each. I am so excited because I was given a pre-order of Scott Sauls new book, Irresistible Faith which I will dive in and devour right away I am sure when it arrives this week. Realizing I need something to read that is quicker in the midst of slow, heavier reads, if not I do not read when I can’t go super deep.

Counsel from the Cross: connecting broken people to the love of Christ by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick and Dennis E. Johnson

Love Thy Body by Nancy Pearcy – decided to release myself from reading this right now. I will return it to the owner this week.

The Writing Life by Annie Dillard

On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life through Reading Well by Karen Pryor Swallow spent the most time with this one during the snow days. It is not quite what I expected but still interesting. If my kids were still in Nagy Academy I probably would use it with a lit course.

Pondering: Invitations. Yesterday I wrote about how thinking about God inviting us into His story instead of using us changes things. As I was looking for a verse, I typed in Bible verses about God inviting. There were over one hundred. Then started thinking about Jesus and how many times He says come. Following this trail of thought further.

Learning: Well, was reminded how many times I take up an offense on behalf of my husband, and so learning again and again that I am not his defender but God is. Let’s just say I almost pulled out the old “Nehemiah Ministry Team” ( ) to throttle someone this week. Thankfully my husband is much more gracious and kind than I am, and he handled it in a godly manner, as I stewed and then repented, and then prayed for my husband and the individual. Learning how much stress I pick up that is not mine. Continued lessons of wait for it.

Home: Baking and cleaning. Need to get back on a cleaning schedule of some sort. I have sunk into random cleaning usually after I am frustrated with an area instead of being proactive.

Fitness and Mental Health: Hopefully at the end of this cold. I had to purchase a third box of tissues. Puffs with lotion no longer feels soft, but I am still thankful for it. The choosing of planks daily as my only goal was good as I am still not totally up to speed. It was doable and I did it. Just a minute daily but I felt like I was moving forward even though it was tiny baby steps. I upped it this week to a bit longer. I think I will wait to commit to adding an exercise to it until next week.  Keeping the candle burning in the afternoon, spending mornings being still, taking time to read are definitely important for my mental health. Baking and snuggling up under blankets and enjoying the hibernation days was so good.

Giving Thanks: Now that I sub, I am super thankful for snow days and holidays again. I had lost that magical feeling of no school. Also very thankful for the people who helped with snow removal this Sunday. So thankful for the man who volunteers to plow, and this time we had people come and help too, which made it so much faster. My elder boy flew out to a conference in Arizona. I am so thankful for his opportunities and also for his bravery of going and doing these things. Also very thankful for his safety. This week both my boys stepped up to serve in their respective church communities and that just blesses me. “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 4




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