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Out my Window: More gray skies and cold temps but big fluffy snowflakes.

Enjoying: Hot cocoa each night for whatever reason. Vanilla Candle every afternoon and evening.

Listening to:Part 3 in the Habits Sermon Series from Craig Groechel

Pandora- Crowder Station

Crave from King and Country

Alice Merton’s new album Mint. No Roots is one of my favorites.

Reading:  So I did dive in but definitely not blowing through Scott Sauls new book, Irresistible Faith the way I thought I would. His writing is not as quick. More to digest than I thought it would be which makes me happy.

Counsel from the Cross: connecting broken people to the love of Christ by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick and Dennis E. Johnson (okay- by my bed but have only read a few pages)

The Writing Life by Annie Dillard (more full disclosure, it is sitting on the floor in my office not being read either at the moment)

On Reading Well: Finding the Good Life through Reading Well by Karen Pryor Swallow replaced this one with Sarah Clarkson’s Book Girl. Which is so good. I am loving it, although it is making my book list grow at warp speed. I thought On Reading Well would have read more like this one does, but I had to put it aside for now. Highly recommend Book Girl for anyone who loves reading and books and talking about books.

Pondering: What hope is and what it is not. My journey over the last 5 years or so.

Learning: That my hope was more about the circumstance and what I saw God doing than who God was even if He did not do what I thought He should. Learning that my hope was more in my head than in my heart. Learning about what real mature hope looks like over circumstantial hope. Wrote about it this week.

Home: Well, not much to say here. Need a plan for housekeeping and meals. Things are straightened and people are clothed and fed.

Fitness and Mental Health: Cold has finally cleared. The choosing of planks daily is doable. My desire is to move, treadmill, or schlogging, or whatever any day I do not sub.  Keeping the candle burning in the afternoon, spending mornings being still, taking time to read are definitely important for my mental health. Writing has become part of my mental health need. Sorting through much and it has been good.

Giving Thanks: For women who step up when they see a need. For friends who are honest and vulnerable. For opportunities to walk with others in their journey and how they cheer me on in mine. For puzzles and night jeopardy. For how God orders my days. For my boy who unloads the dishwasher whenever I am out. For my husband reminiscing about our early days and reminding me of who we are.




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