hurryIt is tempting to speak in busy language and I don’t have time language. Sometimes I give into this addictive view. I run around not seeing the people I am passing by as I am running off to the next appointment or event. Checking off the to do or even just wasting time as I wait for the next thing coming, or becoming paralyzed to start anything because I have too much. In reality I have enough time to do all that God has planned for me since before time. I have the same amount of time as everyone else. For me I am realizing more and more it is about perspective. It is about checking in with God and asking Him to order my day, my heart, and my mind.

Jesus went away every morning, very early to seek the Father. If he needed that, how much more do I. Jesus felt those three years were sufficient to accomplish the Father’s will. There were still many sick people. There will still many possessed people and poor people. There were still so many things that begged to be noticed and addressed, but Jesus did what the Father asked. His days and nights were very full but they were full with what God had.

My days also are filled with good things. There are many good things that beg for my attention, but I truly want God’s best. I want to trust His heart for my days. When I allow Him to order my day and watch for His plans throughout the day, my day is filled with a peace and a patience that does not inhabit my day when my attitude is that of busy. I am thankful for the moments, and able to be fully present when God is ordering my day. My day is filled, but so is my heart and mind. I want to lived filled with God’s purpose and plans and less of my own busyness.


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