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Out my Window: Rainy, warm Franklin, Tennessee , birds chirping

Enjoying: warmer temps, live music, time doing something my husband loves, enjoying time with him

Listening to: CCM United at the Franklin Theatre

Tim Hawkins Poddybreak and Alister Begg sermons on our travels. We go from super silly to deep and challenging. One of the things I love about my husband.

Cranked up Alice Merton, Audio Adrenaline, U2 Beautiful Day as we sat in traffic with windows down and sun shining on our way down.

On the way back I am sure will be all the wonderful people we saw perform: Geoff Moore, Phil Keaggy, Eddie DeGarmo, Guardian….

Reading:    Irresistible Faith Scott Sauls still reading. Still loving it.

Book Girl: A Journey through the Treasures and Transforming Power of a Reading Life Sarah Clarkson. Highly recommend Book Girl for anyone who loves reading and books and talking about books.

Pondering: There is such a difference between the earlier Contemporary Christian Music and the new CCM. They sang about real stuff and seemed to feel and know something that gets lost or is missing in the newer CCM music. This concerts series I am attending is not necessarily my style of music but there is a depth of love for Christ and the Body of Christ that is obvious. It makes you want what they have. I have spent the last summer at Christian Festivals and there are two bands that I felt that from. This is not a judgement, just pondering what the difference is and why, or if there really isn’t but it plays out differently in this day we live in. 

Learning: That I still have to consciously choose to be fully present. That being present and in the moment is something I still have much to learn. It does not come naturally to me. Unfortunately, it is not a lesson learned and done. It seems to be more of a lesson that is practiced and evolving even as I practice it.

Home: Spent the last week cleaning and prepping. We had company so that was incentive I needed to clean more, and organizing food and meals as my son was staying home while I went out of town. Still need a plan for dailyness of living

Fitness and Mental Health: Seriously, not sure why this winter is so difficult to get a fitness groove. Mental Health, let’s just say the sun and warmer temps have been helpful. Enjoying being away. I am choosing not to run away with my stress thoughts

Giving Thanks: I am so thankful for all the gifts and generosity of God that made this time away with my husband possible. I am thankful for laughter and time of fun with my husband. It has been a long hard season. It is good to just relax and have fun. So thankful for praying friends and serving friends. So thankful for friends who have jumped in to serve people in need of extra love at our church. I am thankful for opportunities my elder boy has and I am thankful for how my younger has such a heart to help and serve. 


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