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I tend to be a go big or go home type of person. I have always wanted to do big things for God and big things for others. If I cannot do the big thing then I tend to get paralyzed and make things so complicated until they do not happen.

I have learned over the many years of being home, and now as I move into this next season that love is not the very big or the very convenient. It is not an etched out, well planned event with lots of controllable variables. It is usually found in the small and dailiness of life. It is willing to be inconvenienced, to be willing to listen well, even when you have other things going on. It is giving when you only have a little to give. It is giving even when it seems the person does not deserve it, or especially when they do not.

love2Love is so simple and yet so complex. It is really a miracle that shows God’s character and heart. Every act of love, God uses and multiples. I am amazed at the fullness of my heart when I am loving even if the other person does not know about it, or even receive it the way it was meant. God gives His lavish love and multiplies it. Every little act of love is spreading light and hope. It is not something that has to be big or extravagant. God already did that by sending Jesus for the ultimate sacrifice of love.

Every act we do is out of that lavishness. Even if that was all that God did for us He would still be good and loving, and yet he continues to pour down love on us daily. He lavishes us with love and kindness. He sends rain and sun on the good and wicked. Every perfect gift comes from God and if we are His, all our acts should be flooded with that love. Whether doing dishes or making a meal, or bigger more extravagant acts, God’s love is always there. God is found in acts of love because God is love. It is overwhelming to think how He invites us into sharing in that. And when we fail He is more than capable to fill in the gaps and let unexpected love flow too. As Brother Lawrence said,

“we ought not grow weary in doing little things for the love of God, who regards not the greatness of the work, but the love with which it is performed.”



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