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Out my Window: Darkness in the morning but still beautiful sky. Sunrises on my way in to work that light the valley and the lakes. So beautiful.

Enjoying: The view into work is gorgeous. Seeing bluebirds and robins. Birds singing in the morning. Noticing hints of Spring flowers around my yard.

Listening to: Schlogging music: Rend Collective, Crowder, TFK, Misc…

Listening to Just Thinking Episode from RZIM (Ravi Zacharias) apparently my usual place to find them is gone. This was on my MP3 player already so I cannot find it. But there are many episodes on their page worth listening to. Always thought provoking.

Started re-listening to the audio of Breaking Free from Beth Moore.

Reading: Finished reading Michael Cards’ Inexpressible: Hesed and the Mystery of God’s Lovingkindness I appreciated it very much. It was such a good reminder of God’s heart towards us… God is slow in anger and rich in Hesed.

“When the person from whom I have a right to expect nothing gives me everything.”

I joined another Book Launch Team. This time for the book Finding Beautiful:Discovering Authentic Beauty Around the World by Rebecca Friedlander  The trailer for the book is here:

The book is simple reading and set up a bit differently than most books. I love reading people’s stories, especially what God has done in their lives. This book is many women from around the world telling their journey to freedom. The author is into multimedia so she was doing photo shoots with these ladies to visually represent their transformation, she includes pieces of her story and then connects a story from the Bible. It is definitely a book I would like to share with many of the young ladies in my life. I have been reading a downloaded copy since it hooked me quickly. I usually have to wait for a hard copy, but I am so eager to hear about each women’s story that I kept going.

Pondering: Our sermon series for Lent is One Night, we are going through Jesus’ last night which is very full. Last Sunday was when Jesus first appears before the Sanhedrin, (Mark 14:53-65) The last part really overwhelmed me this year. “ Then some began to spit at him; they blindfolded him, struck him with their fists, and said, “Prophesy!” And the guards took him and beat him.” This is the religious people doing this to Jesus. I think when I think of this mocking and cruelty, I thought of the Romans but this is the elite well trained, religious people of the temple. Even the guards were temple employees not some thugs or Roman guards. The religious were rightly upset by their beliefs at Jesus, but then they allowed themselves to give into mob mentality. This has been sitting in my heart and mind. I feel like there is a bit of this now a days on Social Media with some religious people who mean well, but are joining the mob thoughts. And then it comes back to me. Where am I tempted to join in? What area would I slide into this thoughtless cruelty?

Learning: That this is a messy, hard season and that I do not have to get it figured out. I need to pray, listen, and love well.

Home: Keeping up somewhat. Need  a day dedicated to the house cleaning (the catching up kind). Getting by, but piles and stuff are accumulating. Taking care of many things at once but I need to focus.

Fitness and Mental Health: Schlogging, a bit overwhelmed that the race is this Saturday. My IT band and hip remind me that I need to be persistent with working my core. This week has been harder which I do not understand, but I guess I added some hills and it was colder and windier than expected still glad to have a motivation to get moving.

Giving Thanks: Went bowling with the church. Laughed a lot with a fun group. For friends that pray and listen to my hard. For our Sunday morning group of ladies and how they are willing to be honest and also how they care for one another. For a few lighter, less intense subbing days.

Disclaimer: the Amazon links do link to my personal account and give me a small incentive for sharing from their page. The rest of the links are purely because I enjoy them and thought you might too.

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