Offer (FMF Link up)

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Linking up with  The rules are: set a timer and free write for five minutes on word prompt, then share. (and yes, I know it is Sunday)


Nothing to get me going, so being that I love words and know that there is gold to be found in definitions I googled offer. Much of it was what you would think. To present something, a sale, etc… but the last thing, the origin of the word offer caught my attention. It seemed to be a sacred echo from today’s Sunday School class and then the sermon. From the Old English offrian ‘sacrifice something to a deity’, of Germanic origin, from Latin offerre ‘bestow, present’ (in ecclesiastical Latin ‘offer to God’) Offer to God… what could I possibly offer that would be of any value and what is He desiring. He is desiring it all. All of me. All that I have.

All… but He is not a God who grabs and shames. He is a God who offers something better. Beauty for ashes. Abundant life for death, and yet there are times I hold so tightly, afraid of what I might lose. But Jesus is clear, He who loses His life will gain it, but He who keeps it, will lose it all. The offer is one too good to refuse, and yet, like a little kid holding a squooshy peanut butter and jelly sandwich not willing to add it to the banquet table because I am afraid I will be left with nothing, Jesus continues to offer all He has for me. He offers the whole banquet table for my pleasure. He offers His life, He offers salvation, He offers eternity, He offers all I ever need. Offering my life for His is a better offer than I could ever imagine. It is greater than anything I could ever ask for or know I need. My offer is small and meager, but He sees it as a gift fit for a King and offers His kingdom in exchange for my offering.

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