Practicing Resurrection Day 2

practiceresurrection 004This morning involved getting up and heading into school to sub after being off for over a week. I chose to be on the lookout for life and to listen closely for God’s heartbeat. What I saw took my breath away. It was hard to capture with a picture but coming over the hill, looking down at another set of hills, valleys, and lakes the fog made a beautiful effect. Also the moon followed me this morning.

practiceresurrection 003The moon reminded me that it has no light of its own but only that of the sun. I asked God to help me to reflect His light in the bright light and in the dark. The fog reminded me how even when my sight is limited that God’s is not. He sees above and below, in front and behind whatever has descended on my life and I need to look for the beauty and trust his hand.

practiceresurrection 002

*Joining 50 Days of Practicing Resurrection with Tamara Hill Murphy. Feel free to join me as I join her.  (and yes I am aware that I  broke both guidelines… I have three pics instead of one and 200ish words instead of 1-50. It couldn’t be helped.)

**My explanation and Day 1 can be found here:


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