Practicing Resurrection Day 20


Thinking about him… the man I passed on my morning walks. I had to detour off the beach because of a large tide pool blocking the shoreline. Each morning I would come to the water’s edge, take a left up the boardwalk and around to the next beach access and do the opposite on the return trip. The first day I noticed a person cocooned on the bench. When I made the return trip the cocoon was gone. Day 2 the bench was empty. I prayed for the person. Day 3 as I made the trek, I noticed the person was sitting up. It was obvious he had just awoken. We made eye contact. I felt like I was disrupting his first moments of this new day. Out of mouth came a bit too chipper of a “good morning.” Even as it came out, it felt wrong. I kept walking so he could have some space to transition to the day. I prayed for him and thought on my way back I’d see if he wanted some coffee or breakfast, but the bench sat empty. There was no evidence that someone had slept there the night before. He was nowhere to be found. It made me sad. I wondered about his story. I prayed that he would remember who he is, and that his life has purpose and meaning. I prayed for the right people to remind him and love him. I prayed that I would not forget that no matter where I am there are invisible people who desperately need to be seen and loved. Lord have mercy.


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