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Out my Window: Beautiful weather. Sunshine! So thankful for this. Also I  was surprised  by a beautiful moon.

Enjoying: The wonderful temperatures. Being able to take students outside. A new candle from a friend, pomelo coconut… so good. Flowers from a sweet friend and my son from Mothers’ Day still alive.

Listening to: Silence and nature more often. Welcome to Adulting:Navigating Faith, Friendship, Finances, and the Future  by Jonathan Pokluda- I was so thankful to see this on my library’s new books on CD shelf. I had purchased the book to see if it was a good fit for the young adults at our church for a summer study and was running out of reading time. I have been listening and it is very good. I would recommend it. I have gotten a lot out of it for myself too. Many wise words and good reminders.

“Show me your worries, I’ll show you your idols.”

“God is in control + God is good + God loves you = your peace.”

Reading: Still carrying around Let’s All Be Brave: Living Life with Everything You Have by Annie F. Downs.

I also have two books I am reading to review for Revell Books The Intimate Connection:Secrets of Lifelong Romance by Kevin Lehman and Powerful Prayers for Your Son by Rob and Joanna Teigen. Reviews coming in the next few weeks.

Pondering: What does it look like to be with the teens and young adults as they walk through their stuff? I keep thinking about Bob Goff’s story in Love Does about a Young Life leader who basically sticks with Bob as he runs away. He just keeps telling Bob he is with him as Bob figures out that the path he is on is not one that works well. There is time to speak truth in love, but there is also a time to allow the person to know they are seen and loved and that I am with them and for them as they work out their stuff. This past week has had many opportunities to practice. I am realizing how hard it is for me not to jump in and impart truth and try to help fix the situation or viewpoint.

Learning: To go along with my pondering, I have been learning that as I lean in and pray internally, and listen and ask questions that the kids hear themselves and come up with many of the same things I would have said, but now it is theirs to run with and own. Their need really is to be seen, heard, and validated. I am still learning what it looks like to validate the person without validating the poor choices and thoughts. This is tricky for me, but I am slowly learning.

Home: I have much more ambition and desire for cleaning and organizing when I am unable to than when I finally get time to do it. I am maintaining somewhat. In my ideal mind I will catch up and get a plan in a couple weeks once subbing is done. We shall see.

Fitness and Mental Health: Nice weather is definitely super helpful in getting out and moving. It is so important and necessary for me to do so. I have been trying even if it is just a quick schlog around the block to move. I am up to 8 push ups, adding 2 a week. My “practicing resurrection” has been very helpful for my mental health as well as soul health. Taking time to see, hear, and look for new life and redemption is a practice that is helping me choose defiant joy in the midst of lots of hard stuff around me.

Giving Thanks: Beautiful weather. It is wonderful to see the sun. Being able to go outside with students makes life better. Laughing with teens. Getting some unplanned time with a friend. So many colors and smells outside. My schlogs have been so refreshing. I love the sound of water. The good part of all this rain is that every creek around my house is running and many beautiful waterfalls. God’s generosity to us through friends and family.

Disclaimer: the Amazon links do link to my personal account and give me a small incentive for sharing from their page. The rest of the links are purely because I enjoy them and thought you might too.

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