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Out my Window: Flowering trees with such sweet aroma. Fresh cut grass.

Enjoying: Late Spring finally being here. Long weekend.

Listening to: Finished listening to Welcome to Adulting: Navigating Faith, Friendship, Finances, and the Future by Jonathan Pokluda. We will be using it as a discussion point with our young adults this summer. It is simple but has some wise advise.

Listened to three of Jill Briscoe’s talks as I dug weeds out of the garden.

Part way through Breathing Underwater: Spirituality and the 12 Steps by Richard Rohr on Audible. The reading of it is a bit awkward, but there is a lot to think about. The intro alone made me want to get a hard copy so I could highlight much of it. There is definitely some stuff that I do not agree with, but much I want to get into my mind and heart. Some of it is very convicting because he expands addiction to everyone not just the alcoholic.

“You cannot heal what you do not first acknowledge.”

“God does not love us if we change, God loves us so that we can change.”

“Only hour by hour gratitude is strong enough to overcome all temptations to resentment.”

Reading: Still carrying around Let’s All Be Brave: Living Life with Everything You Have by Annie F. Downs. Almost done.

I also have two books I am reading to review for Revell Books The Intimate Connection: Secrets of Lifelong Romance by Kevin Lehman and Powerful Prayers for Your Son by Rob and Joanna Teigen. Reviews coming this week.

Pondering: I started studying for our summer small group study on Romans 12. I am back to pondering, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” (Romans 12:18) What does this look like when there is still unresolved conflict that is in the other person’s court? Or when the person does not want to work it out, but wants to just forget and move on? In Breathing Underwater he talked about sometimes we forgive in a way to free ourselves but we leave the other person bound. I thought this was an appropriate expression of how I feel right now. I am sure if you asked this person they would say they forgave, and have chosen to forget about all the stuff, but somehow because of not involving me I still feel bound. A friend said to me that Paul must have put “if it is possible” in there because he knew that this would be an issue, there is a point of release. Pondering where this point is in this situation.

Learning: Awhile ago a friend of mine said, “you cannot edit someone else’s story.” As much as I did not like that, I knew what she said was true. God is the one writing their story and they can participate in walking in His good ways or not. They can allow God to redeem what others have done to them, or they can fill that space with whatever. I am learning how not to grab the pen out of God’s hand, or not take their hand and force them into writing certain things, which I know is not possible, but I so want to do it in some situations. I know I can warn, encourage, and pray but the rest is up to the person. My heart aches as I watch them walk down some harder trails that possibly could have been avoided. Again, learning what does it look like to be with someone, and for someone when they are walking down some questionable trails.

Home: Nice weather and extra days off are helpful in getting stuff done. Next week will be a focus to start clearing out what’s left of homeschool stuff and kid stuff. Having a date for a local curriculum sale is incentive. I apparently need to have dates and incentives. I got both freezers cleaned out because meat was coming. In Finish by Jon Acuff, he talks about attaching rewards or incentives to tasks we do not prefer. Apparently, I need to give more thought to this in terms of keeping house.

Fitness and Mental Health: Good weather makes this such a pleasure. I have been walking and schlogging almost daily and doing 10 pushups. I did part of a CrossFit pushup challenge with my son the other day. I made it further that I thought (not very far but I got a couple ups and downs in). If you are looking for a challenge in this area Sally Up Pushup Challenge is for you. Mental Health is really connected to moving and “practicing resurrection” right now.

Giving Thanks: Beautiful weather. It is wonderful to see the sun. I feel like people have been extra kind and generous to me lately. I am thankful for these extra blessings and more importantly for these people’s kind hearts towards me. Having fun with kids at school. Extra long weekend with time to hang out, clean up a flower bed, and grill with hubby. Went to a local outdoor concert with some college friends. It was so refreshing to have interesting conversations and laughter.

Disclaimer: the Amazon links do link to my personal account and give me a small incentive for sharing from their page. The rest of the links are purely because I enjoy them and thought you might too.

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