Practicing Resurrection Day 44

IMG_1206I am not a gardener in the traditional sense. I enjoy container gardens. They are controllable, and easy, as long as I remember to water them, but I learned to pick plants that rebound. In my mind I keep getting tripped up that I need to be good at vegetable gardens and big flower beds, but I am not.

Choosing life and refreshment for my soul means being okay with that. By not going down the path of being something I am not, it allows me time for the things I am. I am connecter of people and ideas. I like to experience things, and spend time exploring. I love nature, especially as I practice resurrection through walks. I do not need to be anything other than God made me. Choosing life thoughts and releasing false guilt.

This year God sent me a young friend who loves gardening and needed a plot of land. She is enjoying the space that had become my shame. I am thankful that her placemaking involves adding beauty through gardening. God knew how to help me redeem that space on the earth and in my heart. New life in hard spaces…



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