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Do you want to be made well? Jesus asked that question often in his ministry. It seems like an odd one at first glance. Of course they want to be made well. Why wouldn’t someone want to be made well? But as I zoom in closer to people that I know Jesus has offered healing to, and then even closer examination of my own heart at times, the question takes on deeper, more profound, and personal aspects. It is not just a basic surface, no brainer question. It is a deeper heart question that touches all areas of trust, faith, hope, dreams, healing.

Do we want to be made well? I feel like Jesus continues to ask that question and the answer sometimes is very complicated. Yes but… when I look at the people in the Bible they knew how to do life this way. Yes, it was unpleasant and uncomfortable, but if they chose healing it would involve a change in relationships, the way of doing life, the way of seeing themselves. It would involve a freedom that at first seems exciting, but when boundaries expand, fear can creep in. God says He leads us out to spacious places to love us and heal us, but open spaces can feel threatening and unknown.

Do I want to be made well? Do I believe that God can do that? Do I believe that He is good and whatever it takes will be worth it? Do I believe that He will help me with any unbelief because He is trustworthy. Am I willing to be made well, no matter the cost? Jesus never forces healing on us, He always asks and waits until we are ready to receive it. When we say yes, the Holy Spirit floods those spaces, and makes us well in ways we never knew to even ask for, or were even possible.
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3 thoughts on “Well (FMF Link up)

  1. So true. And such an important question – because to become well will mean change and we don’t always want change. We get comfortable where we are, even if it is in our discomfort.
    Your FMF Neighbour #39

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