Holding on

bleeding heart

The tag line for this blog is making sense and nonsense out of life. Today was heavy on trying to make sense of life. It has been a few weeks of heavy hearted events in people’s lives around me. Lots of prayers and aching hearts, mine included. Today after sharing in another heartbreaking grief, I walked outside to see this beautiful creature working to hold onto the bleeding heart to get some nourishment. As I walked over to watch, I noticed that a hydrangea plant that looked very dead and sticky two weeks ago was alive and well. The friend who had planted it, told me he thought it was alive, he saw some new growth near the soil. I did not see it, and did not really believe him, but there it was, thankfully not dependent on me, new growth where I saw none. As I wrestle with the fallenness of life, I hold onto the beauty and hope that God is making all things new in His time even when I cannot see it. I am choosing to practice Resurrection https://inkblotlife.com/category/practicing-resurrection-2019/ still and look for signs of life even in the spaces where no life is visible to my eyes.



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