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Out my Window: Butterfly trying to steady itself on a bleeding heart to drink. A hummingbird who keeps stopping by wondering where the feeder is. Peonies blooming.

Enjoying: Celebrating friends getting ordained. Planning summer fun. The  fields turning from yellow to white. Grilling.

Listening to: Finished listening to Creative Quest by Questlove. I totally loved this audiobook. It was different than my usual picks, but it was so creative, fun, and interesting. It is definitely worth the listen. Questlove is really a creative genius. I am sad the book is over.

“Failure is not fatal. For starters, it can be a motivator. Smooth sailing isn’t always the best way to convince yourself to put your nose back to the grindstone. Struggle and frustration and fear can be great tools for learning to focus and recharge yourself.”

I am debating right now about whether to read, or listen to Michelle Obama’s Becoming. I have heard good things about the audiobook as well. I have Once and Future King by T.H. White in my audiobook library so I may try to listen to that for now while I wait my turn for the library audio of Becoming. I remember loving it as a teen and there is a person with a British accent reading it, so that is a plus.

Re-listened to Beth Moore’s study on the Fruit of the Spirit is Love Week 3 (Living Beyond Yourself).

Reading: My carry around book is Glorious Weakness: Discovering God in all We Lack by Alia Joy.

Night stand… was reading a little bit of a few books laying by my bed. Finally settled into Identity Theft: Reclaiming The Truth of Our Identity in Christ edited by Melissa Kruger. Seems to be just what I need at this moment. I appreciate that it is written by a variety of women at different spaces in life, but very thought full.

Pondering: Expectations and their sneakiness. How do I not realize I have allowed one to take root? Then it is revealed in a way that causes my heart to ache or my head to spin. I do this a lot with family. When there is time and space away, I start thinking a bit more idealistically, and then when I call or email I have placed expectations on the relationship that are not meant for it. They cannot give things in their state and stage of life and only God can give those things that satisfy my soul longing. Not sure why I still wander down that path, especially with my parents. I have gotten better with others, but there is still something in me that forgets to be satisfied by God alone in these areas and be thankful for what is available in these relationships, instead of what I feel is lacking.

Learning: How to do this rhythm. What does this non school season look like in letting God order my days? Learning to not grasp at things and try to control and fix. Learning how to hold loosely to my schedule and thoughts. Trying not to fill it all up and run ahead. Learning how to not feel awkward in this season of active waiting for me and those close to me.

Home: Life took a few turns this way and that, so no rhythm yet. That is all I have to say about that.

Fitness and Mental Health: (same as the last two weeks) Good weather makes this such a pleasure. I have been walking and schlogging and doing 11 pushups. Nothing else was added and to be honest rainy days I missed walking and a couple of days I missed the push ups, but I keep moving forward remembering every rep makes me stronger .

Giving Thanks: For someone who was generous with beef, so my hubby could have steak on the grill for Father’s Day. For the joys and friendships mixed in with the sorrows. For my older son getting to do what he loves and for how God has blessed and directed him. For the kind heart I saw in my younger son as he showed extra thoughtfulness to people who were grieving. For an evening of refreshment with worship, word, testimony, and friends.


2 thoughts on “Daybook

  1. I was thinking you need to fill out a daybook for me at least twice a month. I miss you and would like us to live closer.


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