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Out my Window: Cincinnati has been out my window for a few days this past week.

Enjoying: Time away with husband enjoying exploring a new place and just being out of the ordinary life with him. Lots of live music, baseball, good food, beautiful views of the Ohio River.

Listening to: Had a little time to listen to more of Becoming by Michelle Obama. On our travels we also listened to The Holy Post Podcast that is put together by Phil Vischer from the renowned Veggie Tales fame. They have some interesting conversations along with silliness. This one was of particular interest because they were interviewing Shane Claiborne about his new book Beating Guns. It was such an interesting conversation. Definitely much to think about.

Carry around book: The Middle Matters by Lisa-Jo Baker still in the middle of this book due to not much reading again this past week.
By my bed: As I have mentioned I am on the book launch team for Beholding and Becoming by Ruth Chou Simons I was able to read the electronic version already. I was so thrilled when I recently received a hard copy for reviewing the book early on Goodreads Like I had mentioned in my brief review, I would recommend ordering the actual book instead of the electronic version. It is beautiful. The content is very encouraging. I have started reading it again as a nightly devotional read. The quotes, the paintings, her words are soothing and encouraging. I do recommend getting it for yourself and it would make a great gift. It releases September 10, but if you pre-order she has some lovely gifts.

Pondering: John L. Cooper’s words he posted on facebook that have been circulating around So well said. It has been fascinating watching responses. I appreciate that he is not making the comment at the individuals who are wrestling or falling in very public ways, but at the church who have lifted people up including himself. We are so prone to want to lift up a human being instead of doing the hard work of being in the word and owning it ourselves. I have had it in my own life in ways that I have not invited, but the interactions are real because I am married to the pastor. I had a woman tell me she had me on a pedestal and at that moment she was mad at me, so she let me know I was no longer there for her. I tried to politely let her know that I never should have been elevated, only Christ should be lifted up. I try to tell people I am for them and on this journey with them, but I will let them down at some point, or will be off base at times, and desperately need them to come to me. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. I mess up often. I am a sinner saved by grace, along with everyone claiming Christ. It amazes me how easy it is to buy our own hype, and how easily others will buy it too. Church is messy business. We need to cover each other’s humanity with grace and mercy that only Christ provides. We are in this together. We need people that we allow to speak truth into our lives so that we do not deceive ourselves. Pondering what it looks like to be part of the solution instead of perpetuating this problem.

Learning: I feel like the last bunch of weeks are re-learning many of the same lessons with deeper, higher stakes in the practicing. I somehow amaze myself that so many lessons are still at the conscious level. They are not yet part of my fiber, or come naturally to me. Being present is one that continues to be a learn and re-learn event whether it is great stuff, or hard stuff. My brain goes a lot and I have to intentionally stop and tell myself to be present.

Home: Well, I keep coming and going… so basic cleaning, or straightening up is about all that is going on.

Fitness and Mental Health: Lots of walking all over a city. Also tried to do a few structured workouts. Started being more intentional with arms and back, so I am a bit sore. Mental Health: this has involved lots of intentionally taking thoughts captive and focusing on God’s goodness.

Giving Thanks: For time away with my husband. For 28 years of marriage. Thankful for a good man and God’s graciousness in bringing us together and keeping us together. For Sweetwater being a great company and replacing my son’s midi so quickly. For his helping install knew doorknobs and also being mature enough to stay home on his own and take care of stuff. For my older son getting to participate in the Little League Classic game again even though his life looks different.


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