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Pace… In high school I ran track. I started with winter track and the coach just stuck all the girls in the 55 meter sprint, regardless of what our abilities were. The pace was super fast and the race was over before it really began for me. This did not deter me from joining Spring track. I knew I was not a sprinter, but super long races seemed boring, so I landed in the middle with the 800 meter race. Track taught me the importance of pacing myself. I struggled with this at times, starting out too strong but not able to keep it up, or too slow and had way more energy at the end than I needed. Eventually I learned the pace that was right for me and tried hard to focus on that instead of others.

I feel like life is like that right now. I am not sure what the proper pace is. Sometimes I seem to move too quickly and burn out, and other times I am too slow and seem to have way too much at the end. I am in that lovely season of transition. It seems like a lot of practicing various paces before the actual new pace is found to settle into. I am trying to allow God to set the pace for the day, but sometimes I forget that He is the one who is over time. He holds my moments in His hand and knows how long of a race it will be. He is the only one who can set the proper pace whether it be in the dailiness, or the walking with people in their journey. So right now I am trying to see this transition time as a period of learning to listen to God and trusting that the pace He is calling for in the situation or day is just right because He knows me better than I know myself.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I always want to set my own pace and move as fast as I can. This is a great reminder that God knows better than we do and his pace is the one we should follow.

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    #Throwbackthursday… This season of life feels like my pacing is off again. I am ready to jump the gun and run, or I am running when I am supposed to be walking or even resting. I realized this week I was forgetting to ask God to set the pace and help me find a rhythm for each day. He knows me and what will come each day, so listening for Him is always wise. Choosing to be still and listen. Recalibrating.


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