Beholding and Becoming: the art of everyday worship (book review)

bbcoverOne of my favorite things is books. I love a good book. I love sharing books with others. Part of this new season of life has included previewing books from some publishers which I have enjoyed, but even more fun has been the opportunity to be on book launch teams. This means I get an advanced copy to read for an honest review of the book. It also includes a book launch community that allows me to connect with other book launchers, publishing teams, and the author. It has been a pleasure working with the team for Beholding and Becoming: the art of everyday worship by Ruth Chou Simons. There is an authenticity, humor, and depth to this team. I so appreciate seeing Ruth “behind the curtain” and seeing a deep, honest soul. It makes reading even better for me when I know where the person is coming from.


So many quotes resonated with me along with the pages of beautiful artwork. The one that has been impacting me into action is “We become what we behold.” It reminded me of this past year when I practiced the rhythm of Eastertide with Tamara Hill Murphy at the blog A Sacramental Life It was 50 days of being intentional in “practicing resurrection,” feasting on life, celebrating the resurrection.

“Put another way: feasting is a discipline, too. We take in the good with gratitude and contentment without making an idol of the gifts. This requires us to depend on the Creator as much (maybe more so) as any other spiritual exercise (TamaraHillMurphy May 1, 2017).”

As I was reading Beholding and Becoming I was drawn back to the lessons I learned during those 50 days Ruth challenged me anew to practice this resurrection living… her wording “we become what we behold” caused me to evaluate what I was beholding these days. What was I practicing seeing, and therefore becoming?

The beauty of this book helped me to be still and remember who God is. The timing of the last few books has been interesting. This has been a difficult season for many people I care deeply about and it is easy to focus on their circumstances and hardships even as I pray. As I intentionally started feasting on God’s goodness again, slowing down to behold beauty, I was reminded of God’s character. God’s character is a comforting spot to land instead of on the troubles.

beholdingHe wants to hear my heartaches, and show us more of who He is in those situations. As I am practicing beholding God’s beauty and character again, I am becoming more confident in who He is, and that he is more than enough for all of my people and their situations. It gives me a sense of peace and patience as I wait, and as I open my eyes and ears to hear Him in the midst of all this.

B&B-How we direct our eyesThis book is a beautiful devotional that redirects our eyes back to the Creator of all that is good and holy. It is a reminder of what worship looks like in the dailyness of life and the impact that has on who we are becoming.

I was initially given an electronic form of this book which was good, but then I received a hard copy. I highly recommend the hard copy because I feel like the whole package: texture, artwork, and words come together to fully impact the heart and mind. It is also a book that would make a very nice gift. It is very beautiful and worth the investment. It is one you will want to read and re-visit. I am on my second read through and gleaning more.

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