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Avoid… For about 16 years my family have been involved in full time ministry. We have had the privilege of doing life with three different communities. Looking back there are definitely trends and characteristics that seem to be almost inherit in the Body of Christ. Most people will do whatever they can to avoid confronting a brother or sister about their sin. Contrary to the popular belief that Christians are judgy, the truth is they are uncomfortable, and really don’t know what to do when they see their brother or sister heading down a bad path. They will ignore and avoid the topic or person, or just share generalities on a social media page hoping the guilty party will read it and feel convicted.

There is a fear of be rejected or deemed as judgy, so many will avoid it at all cost despite the many scriptures that tell us to approach and rescue our brothers and sisters in Christ before they wander too far. I do not blame people who want to avoid such uncomfortable situations, especially since they do have good reason to believe that they will be misinterpreted and judged by the guilty party as being judgmental or worse.

One of the most loving things we can do for someone is ask the hard questions, to pray for the person, to approach the person with what seems to be contrary to Scripture in their life. We are not doing anyone a favor by avoiding this inconvenient truth that we all need someone to love us enough to call us on our junk. And when someone does approach us, even if we do not agree, or feel hurt by what they say, to realize how much courage and love this person has for us to confront us, and be thankful.


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