IMG_2012.JPGSense… Fives senses… I am so thankful we get to sense the world through more than one. I am thankful for the gift of five senses. When my kids were growing up every season, or holiday we tried to stimulate the different senses. I would burn different candles depending on the time of year, we would make certain foods, books and decorations would change depending on the time of year, and music soundtracks for each. I remember being so thrilled when I found a Thanksgiving CD and when Veggie Tales came out with an Easter album. Our world was filled with stimulus to make us aware and grateful of the that time of year. It helped me to pay attention to the rhythm of the year, and really think about how to point to God and teach various things throughout the year.

As my kids got older certain things were a given like foods, and smells but other things went on the wayside because they felt hokey now. In this new season of life I am learning how not to give up on this. They have become important to me to help me to be fully present in the season  we are in. It is a time to find out what things to keep or add, and what things to let go. The past bunch of months I have been trying to be intentional in taking time to walk in nature. I started bringing a camera instead of music or podcast to help me capture beauty. As I stopped to photograph nature I started noticing the changing colors all through the summer and into the fall. This one field evolved from browns, to purples to whites, to yellows, and back. I started paying attention to sounds and noticed the different sounds that nature makes when the wind blows through, as well as different animals singing and chattering depending on the week, month, or even time of day.

Yesterday on my walk I breathed deeply and smelled fall leaves and pine needles, and started thinking of the different smells throughout the past bunch of months that I had not really paid attention to, mud, spring, water, dampness, manure, flowers, trees, leaves…. so many smells that had heightening my senses. I am thankful God made a world full of all sorts of sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and touches. I am thankful for His lavishness in having them change through the year, and also depending on ones locations. The world could be one color, and we could have just one sense and we would never know it, but instead, all of creation, all year round declares His glory if I am willing to pay attention.


* I am joining Five Minute Fridays in a 31 day Writing Challenge. Each day I will be writing on a different word prompt for at least 5 minutes for the month of October.

**Check out 2018’s 31 Day Writing Challenge


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