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Memory… My memory can be very poor, especially when it comes to my childhood. My dad sent a DVD to me of an award banquet. My husband kindly asked me details like what was the award for? I did not even remember being there. I clearly was, my grandma and parents were also there, it is my high school cafeteria, but nothing was triggered by the visual capturing of a life event.

My memory can be very good. Although names are very challenging for me (I am getting much better at this) I do remember details about people and their lives and what they tell me. A family famous story is about a time at church the head of the Missions Team wanted to play a “fun” game to help the church learn about the missionaries we supported as a church. Unfortunately, she picked me, and wanted to give me the details and I was to tell her the name of the family. My family groaned.

This poor woman had no clue what she had just done to both of us. She would give a detail, which of course triggered the visual in my mind of the family, and all the wonderful details I knew about them, so I shared them, but no recollection of their names. Nada… she thought I was joking, and went on even after I explained we could play the game in reverse, and I would be marvelous at it. She was surprised, and my family laughed, and a few people in the congregation took pity on me and tried to help me out by mouthing the names. It was a disaster to say the least.

I am so thankful that God has a much better memory than me.  He remembers my name, my details, His purposes and plans that he set for me before time, how He will redeem my life, what my weaknesses and strengths are, the days I was knit together in my mother’s womb, when my days will end. No detail is too little or vague for Him. He knows how many hairs are on my head and how many tears I have cried, and why I shed them.  He knows my name and even has a special name for me that I will know when I see Him face to face. There is great peace that although I may forget much God cannot and will not forget me. For this and so much more I am deeply grateful.


* I am joining Five Minute Fridays in a 31 day Writing Challenge. Each day I will be writing on a different word prompt for at least 5 minutes for the month of October.

**Check out 2018’s 31 Day Writing Challenge


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