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Out my Window: Light on my way in to work, yay! Darkness so early, makes me ready for bed. Beautiful dusk skies, and a wide range of brown hues that make the hillsides still breathtaking.

Enjoying: Looking for November beauty. Podcasts. I am loving a few different podcasts and time to listen to them driving.

Listening to: I am podcast crazy right now. I am very much enjoying listening to conversations that are humorous, informative, and deep. The Holy Post Podcast I am in the summer ones. I appreciate the silliness and banter but also the wrestling through ideas and theology. The interviews are very interesting and thought provoking.

Phil Vischer had mentioned a new NPR podcast that he had been interviewed for called Preach  I listened to his which was a good interview, but I also listened to the nun who the movie Dead Man Walking was based on. This was so good. I think her new book might be my next audible. The podcast itself is not wow, the flow is lacking a bit, but the people being interviewed and their stories are very interesting.

And lastly, I am a huge Bob Goff fan. I so enjoy him and the way he connects with people and life. He has a podcast that I started listening to (it has been a lot 20minute little trips, perfect for a podcast.) I just picked a couple to sample. The Danielle Strickland interview was sacred echoes to what I am reading lately.

Reading: My carry around book to The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman. I listened to the audio awhile ago but I had wanted to get the book to re-read and mark up. It is an easy read, but with some depth, and real nuggets to ponder. I moved Unhurried Leader: The Lasting Fruit of Daily Influence by Alan Fadling by my bed and that has been a good fit to read just a little before bed. I finished Matthew Henry’s Quest for Meekness and Quietness of Spirit. This is one that will need to be revisited. There is a lot in it. There are other Puritan writers I prefer more as far as voice, but there were many profound truths that I will need to re-read to glean.

Meekness and quietness will fortify the soul on each hand, and suit it to several entertainments which the world gives us; like a skillful pilot who, whatever point of the compass the wind blows from, will shift his sails accordingly, and who knows either how to get forward and weather his point with it, or to lie by without damage. It is the continual happiness of a quiet temper to make the best of that which is.

Received a new book from Revell to review, The Heart of Recovery: How Compassion and Community Offer Hope in the Wake of Addiction by Deborah and David Beddoe. Been reading it in the evening, review coming soon.

Pondering: “Humility is not an apology for being who you are, it’s agreeing with who you are.” -Danielle Strickland I heard this quote in a podcast. It was a quick passing comment but caught my attention. Thinking about what this actual means and how would it play out.

Learning: Next right step, I keep hearing it over and over. I keep getting frustrated because I feel like I do not know what the next right step is, but in reality I am already doing it. I keep wanting the next big right step, but I am in a season of the next right little step of obedience in this moment doing what God has for me for today.

Home: Just basics… bought some flowers to put by the sink. Burning a pumpkin pie spice candle. Lots of blankets out.

Fitness and Mental Health: Changing clocks, early hours of rising and early dark have flooded me with hibernation mode. I know I need something specific to do to get exercising again. Mental health: The podcasts have been so encouraging and thought provoking. My mind has been hungry for good conversation and deep thoughts.

Giving Thanks: light in the morning, schedules working out, extra blessings from people in our lives, time with kids at school, getting to do life with so many good people, God’s graciousness, seasons, extra time driving my son around, my other son coming to visit soon


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