Top Five Blog Posts of 2019

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So this time of year bloggers share their most popular posts. I am still not sure how to judge most popular posts, so I am sharing them based on views. Most of the comments or shares have been over on Facebook, so it is hard to tell in a specific way, but these seem to be ones that were viewed and/or shared the most.

#1 Why So Serious?


#2 Soul Amnesia

IMG_1334 (2)

#3 White Crayons Included

boy holding crayons
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#4 Death


#5 Human

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I think #5 Human would be my favorite out of this group.

Personally, I enjoyed participating in the Practicing Resurrection Series with Tamara Hill Murphy at A Sacramental Life Blog  I enjoyed the challenge of daily looking for life and showing deeper thoughts in a concise and meaningful way.

I really enjoy writing the weekly Daybook series It is a practice that helps me slow down and process and capture the week a bit. I am still trying to hone this craft of writing and thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to connect with so many different people and give words to myself and others as we make “sense and nonsense out of life.”

Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement. I am thankful to share this journey with each of my visitors and friends.

Blessings on your new year! Happy 2020!





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