Experience (FMF Link Up)

Linking up with http://www.Fiveminutefriday.com The rules are: set a timer and free write for five minutes on word prompt, then share.

Experience… No experience necessary. The sign is in the window of many shops these days, but is there such thing? Some experience is always necessary, and there is no way to not have experience. Everyday we experience life, and depending on our experiences it shapes us, and at times we shape it. As I sub and interact with kids they interact with the schoolwork, each other, and me based on their experiences. Their past experiences impact whether they are quick to trust, or quick to laugh, quick to fight or argue, or quick to shut down. All these experiences are brought with them daily, as well as my experiences.

Life from the start is experience, and designed to bring us pleasure that will draw us to the God who created it out of His deep love for us, but we live in a fallen world, so many of our experiences are tainted, and we need God to redeem them. Thankfully, God can take our experiences and help us have fresh eyes, to allow him to bring beauty from ashes, or restore years and redeem the experiences. He makes all things new, and that includes the good and bad experiences that impact our days and our eternity. Christ came to give us abundant life to fully experience this one life to prepare us for an eternity with him.



5 thoughts on “Experience (FMF Link Up)

  1. Lord, please give me fresh new eyes
    with the strength of youth,
    and the wisdom to devise
    the way to see your truth.
    Lord, please give me keen new ears
    that hearken to Your call,
    for he who in obedience hears
    won’t stumble, and won’t fall.
    Lord, please give me steady hands,
    and let my aim be true,
    a warfighter who understands
    that this conflict is not new,
    and that the serpent, born of old,
    though he can’t win, remains too bold.

    #1 at FMF this week.

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