Saints: Becoming More Than “Christians” Book Review


Saints: Becoming More Than “Christians” by Addison D. Bevere was a pleasure to read. I figured it would be enjoyable and possibly a simple read, which was an unfair assumption. This turned out to be an enjoyable, but meatier read. I say that as a compliment. I thought it would be a quick, simple read with a few good thoughts, but there was a depth of deeper theology that needed to be waded through. Bevere does a great job of tackling the truth of Scripture with wit and wisdom. It felt like a friendlier version of a Tozer classic, meaning there was still great truth to wrestle through, but also the inclusion of connection to the author through his own stories along with contemporary references that added another dimension to the truth being covered.

In his book Saints, Addison Bevere reminds the reader of who they already are in Christ. He lays down the premise of what was won for us at the cross and through the life of Christ, and now is ours to grow into, not try to gain. Christianity is not try harder so that we can become Saints, but we are saints let us walk more and more in our truest identity.

Saints aren’t people who escape from the real world, living detached from the struggles of life. To become a Saint is to become profoundly human. It plunges us into God’s original design for humanity. It’s to feel what God feels for this world, empowering us to align our actions with his heart. It is to embrace God’s nature and to step into the fullness of our new creation reality. The son of God became a man to make men and women sons and daughters of God, and Saints have a glimpse of who they are in Christ. (38)

I would recommend this read to anyone looking for a solid read on what it means to be a follower of Christ. This book does a great job covering Scripture, theology, and practicality of walking as a Saint.


*** I was given a copy of this book from Revell Publishing for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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