Throwback Thursday… sometimes I get an idea down and move on. I am realizing how often I need to be reminded of different thoughts. As I am usually late to the party, I am jumping on the old idea of throwback Thursday to revisit some of those ideas.

Inkblot Life

two women planking at the seashore

Every rep makes you stronger. -Mindy Hayes

Photo by Nathan Cowley on

This past month I jumped into a pushup challenge. I am not sure why. I am a “schlogger” (shuffler + jogger). My upper body strength is pretty pathetic but I want to be stronger. The increased irony was that day 1 started at a higher level of pushups than I can do but I said I was in anyway. I modified day one. My friend Mindy is an avid exerciser and marvelous encourager. Each day she would hold all of us accountable. I did my best at attempting. One of the days I checked in to the accountability with, “Done! Not pretty or consecutive, but done.” My friend said something that made me feel better, but the more I thought about it, it started to empower me in pushup land but also other areas. She said, “every…

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