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Today… Carpe Diem… Seize the day. This used to be one of my favorite mantras, mostly because of Robin Williams’ iconic portrayal of an English teacher in Dead Poet Society, but also because it rang so true with my heart and mind. I wanted to do big things, lead a big life, get the most out of today. As I chased the carpe diem life it seemed so elusive and just out of reach. The idea seemed to be taking away joy from what was, instead of helping me suck all the joy out of today.

These days I still hold fondly to the concept of seize the day, but I now realize that most days are probably not meant to be seized. In seizing or attempting to seize, I was missing what was. So being fully present is now the goal. My desire is to enter each moment and not miss them, no matter how big or small. One thing I have found after 20 years at home and educating my kids I realize that most of life is small moments and they make up the whole of life as the cliché goes. Now as I am out and about more, I am trying to remember that those small moments and small acts of kindness add up. I want to enjoy today and do all that is for me in that day, but less as an adrenaline junky and more as participant in this one precious life (Mary Oliver). I am realizing how much is really just perspective. As I am present and choosing gratitude I continue to be amazed at the life I have been privileged to live.

**participating in 10 Day Writing Challenge from Five Minute Fridays



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