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Out my Window: Wonderful sunshine, blue skies, dusting of fresh snow, and hope of Spring like temperatures for the next few day

Enjoying: having a bit more energy and focus, some enjoyable meals out with different people, including a date night, reading

Listening to/Watching: I listened to the latest episode of Holy Post Podcast. This week’s was a good interview with Eugene Cho . Thinking about starting an online book discussion with his new book before this political season gets in full swing, Thou Shalt Not Be a Jerk: A Christian’s Guide to Engaging Politics. Bob Goff’s new season of podcasts are up. Catching up. I listened to Beth Moore and started listening to the one with Bianca Olthoff. Both were very good. Listening to On the Road with Saint Augustine: A Real-World Spirituality for Restless Hearts by James K.A. Smith on Audible.  Watching baseball and working our way through the TV series Monk. Watching some episodes of Seinfeld.

Reading: Things have gotten a bit out of control here. First, I signed up to review Leveling the Church: Multiplying Your Ministry by Giving It Away by Micah Fries and Jeremy Maxfield. Got it and have read some. I also had applied to a few book launches (without paying attention to when they launched). I got accepted to all three! I will write more in the pondering section, but needless to say, I am a reading machine. Trying to figure out the best way to go through them, enjoy them, and share about them without driving everyone crazy with too much info. The three book launch teams are Everything is Yours by Kris Camealy (April 7), Shining Like the Sun by Steve Wien (April 7), and Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire Jen Hatmaker (April 21).

Carrying Around: Off the Clock by Laura Vanderkam. This is such a good read. So much to think about. I am a majority of the way through it since my subbing days involved extra breaks which is highly unusual. Thankful for that time, this has been an encouraging and helpful book.

Pondering: I wrestled quite a bit with two launch teams I applied for. If you are not familiar, a book launch team’s job is to read a book ahead of time and get the word out about the book. I read all kinds of books and chew the meat and spit out the bones, as the saying goes. I am more cautious about what I promote and share with others because I am in a position of influence (pastor’s wife, I’ve done nothing to earn the influence, it just is the way it is, maybe that would be a good topic for another pondering or post). Anyway, I do take that seriously, but I also wanted to practice what I am saying I want. Conversation with people of all different beliefs and ideas. Truth is truth no matter who is packaging it, but there is that wrestling with how I communicate the truth and good that is in these books and I have confidence that there will be, without promoting their other things that I very much disagree with. I have always enjoyed Jen Hatmaker’s writing. It is fun, but also challenges me to be more of who I was designed to be, and love deeper. Her life is evidence of a woman who loves deeply, and I fully appreciate and admire that in her. She has recently taken what I consider a left turn in some theological issues where I cannot go with her, but I can lean in and learn from her still. The book launch page is full of people who I would enjoy hanging out with as people, they seem very fun, but I know we disagree on much by the way they chose how to introduce themselves.  So I choose to lean in and listen and learn. The other is Steve Wien, I have heard some talks with Steve and was encouraged. I do not know his specific beliefs, but he is part of a more liberal denomination, so again I lean in and listen for truth that we share and learn where we differ. I look forward to being encouraged by each of these books. So this month should be an interesting ride of learning and loving, of interacting gently, so that I might learn what God has for me in this space.

Learning: I need to harness the nice weather days. I am definitely much more productive on these days. Wondering about getting a full spectrum light next winter. I am thinking I need to check the weather ahead and plan life that way.

Home Life: Keeping up. Finishing up stuff… burning my lemon sugar cookie candle, keeping my succulents alive, plugging in my twinkle lights at night, although my son keeps letting me know the date and how they are still up, and my husband called them Christmas lights last night as he went to unplugged them. I am holding on until March 21, then I shall move into full Spring mode.

Fitness and Mental Health: Schlogging on nice days, trying to stretch or do Pilates on other days. Definitely an overall good exercise week. Looking forward to the nice weather we are supposed to get this week. Mentally, I had a few good visits with people, reading a lot, sun and warmer days definitely help break the winter fog. I am looking into Carolyn Leaf’s meal planning again for healthy brain. She had someone on her podcast (I read the transcript) this week that talked about anti-anxiety diet and how it heals the brain and inflammation in the body etc… so I am going to request Think and Eat yourself Smart from the library again and I downloaded her guest’s meal plan.

Giving Thanks: Sunshine, laughter, good conversation, date night with hubby, lighter schedule, books to read, fuzzy blanket, warmer days to schlog, feeling my core strengthen a bit, God’s gentleness with me even as he teaches me what needs to still go and what needs to be added, flexible schedule so I can be present with my family


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