daybookphotoOut my Window: Blue Sky, fluffy white clouds, crisp air

Enjoying: Sarah Clarkson’s nightly chat, classical music, baking, my bright yellow tulips, watching for flowers in the yard to bloom, opportunities to serve and laugh, phone calls with friends

Listening to/Watching: Still watching Sarah Clarkson’s nightly video. I am loving her calming voice, encouraging thoughts, and sharing of a poem and a psalm. On fb her page is SarahEClarkson and IG it is Sarahwanders… Catching up on Holy Post Podcast The interview with Ashlee Eiland was very interesting. Went back on Udemy to work through Philippians with NT Wright. Something about the British accent soothes my soul and this letter seems even more appropriate for this season of life.  I have been enjoying “visiting” other churches that we have been too when we were on vacation. The two Good Friday Services were so beautiful and such a blessing to me. Carolina Forest Community Church in SC, and Christ Community Church in Franklin TN I am thinking I will be listening to Andrew Peterson’s album Resurrection Prologue most of today. Seinfeld and Monk are still on the docket. Our Church just signed up for Right Now Media so we viewed an Andy Stanley teaching. I am looking forward to watching the IF gathering 2020 maybe this week.

Reading: I am reading Fierce, Free, and Full of Fire Jen Hatmaker (April 21). I haven’t really read much, but did finish my review of Leveling the Church

Pondering/Learning: Forgot what I was already learning… to pay attention to my feelings. I have been wondering what my problem is. My brain is fuzzy, I am very tired, and can only handle about one thing a day. I shared this with a friend and she pointed out all the transitions, loss, plus this weird season we are all in since January together are exhausting emotionally and are grief upon grief. When I read her words, it was if the light went on in the room, and I saw life a little clearer. How had I missed it again? I have a habit of walking through a dark funk and not realizing I was there until after it is lifted. I have been practicing paying attention better, but apparently I had forgotten to allow myself to feel, to think, and specifically to grieve. I later had a chance to talk with another friend who was able to help me flesh it out a bit. I am the first to identify and encourage others to name their grief and walk through it, but I apparently have much to practice in my own life. I am re-visiting my words written earlier this year about feeling.

Home Life: Just the basics. Didn’t choose to complete any of the projects. I was so happy that the grocery store had fresh flowers again. My yellow tulips make me so happy. Burning candles in the evening comforts me. I am thinking the twinkle lights may need to go up.

Fitness and Mental Health: PT exercises for my knee/IT band and pilates. Walking a bit outside. Mental Health taking pictures of sign of life and sharing thoughts on Instagram. Feel free to join me there inkblotlife.com_peggy or just add your own #signsoflife.

Giving Thanks: Home, provisions, health, chasing the moon with friends online, Dove dark chocolate, all the beauty in pictures, actions, music being shared online, phone conversations and notes that I would not be having if it weren’t for this pandemic, ability to serve, technology to stay connected and to learn, the postal system, for all the people working to keep things running for everyone


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