Normal (FMF Link Up)

FMF-Blog-post-headers-Round-7-27Normal… Why be normal? I wore that pin on my jacket upside down proudly until my cousin pointed out that everyone wore that pin that way. After that stage had passed of wanting to be “weird”, apparently the way everyone else did, I started craving normal. I didn’t know there wasn’t such a thing. I remember bemoaning my lack of a normal family and the dysfunction I had grown up with, and my wise mentor mom told me to search the Bible and see if I could find a normal family.

Normal seems to be that elusive unicorn that we all chase after and think that everyone else has found, but the more I talk with people and listen to their hearts, the more I see that normal is a lie that separates us. And if we can’t be normal we start chasing exceptional, but God knit us together and planned our days before time.

There is no norm or exception that we are to live up to. There is a heartbeat we are to listen closer to, and empty ourselves of all that seems normal, and allow God to fill us with our truest self which is anything but normal. It is a beautiful reflection of an infinite God in a way that only we can reflect. It takes all of us leaning into God and allowing Him to define our truest self found only in Him in order to reflect all the many facets of God. Only our creative God could come up with this beautiful plan. May we never settle for normal.



3 thoughts on “Normal (FMF Link Up)

  1. I have relationship with God,
    and will make it very clear
    (though you may think it odd),
    our friendship has been sealed in beer.
    They say ‘in vino veritas’,
    but Fosters gave me God’s own truth,
    was on a drunk, fell on my a**,
    and there received the living proof
    when I heard slight sounds of mirth
    (although my mates were not about);
    then the Man of Virgin Birth
    gave a mighty joyous shout.
    And this shall be my epitaph;
    “Believeth when he heard God laugh.”

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    1. I love that imagery in your epitaph. May the joy of the Lord be your strength. So thankful that God meets us right where we are even if on our arse.


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