daybookphotoOut my Window: Slightly overcast, but warming up to May temperatures. The greens are starting to pop. The birds sound so happy.

Enjoying: warmer temps, walks, Spring popping up boldly, the birds everywhere, listening to the peepers

Listening to/Watching: I am still listening to Til We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis on Audible. I am still loving the narrator and the story. So many great quotes from this classic. Listened to the last two episodes of the Holy Post Podcast, The one discussing open theism with Mike Erre was interesting, and was thrilled that Jo Saxton was one of the interviews. Sarah Clarkson started a new series of Story and Theology, and on other days passages from Isaiah. She shares a couple of times during the week. I continue to appreciate her thoughts and what she shares. She can be found on Instagram at SarahWanders and Fb at Sarah Clarkson. Finally got around to showing my son Groundhog Day so he can get my references. Had to fast forward some, but overall it was a delightful diversion.

Reading: Finished reading on my Kindle library loan, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman. The author did a great job with inviting the reader in and character development of Eleanor. She cleverly allows you to see Eleanor from many people’s eyes, as well as Eleanor’s own mind. It is a simple, funny, quirky book considering the topics dealt with. (Just FYI there is some language and it is dealing with abuse and mental illness, not in deep detail but alluded to in various parts of the story). It was an enjoyable read, but also left me with the reminder of everyone having a story and the need for relationships, the importance of a person being seen and known. In this time of social distancing, it got me thinking how I can connect better with others who may not have much social connection even on a good day. I am not starting another book so I can focus on my book launch book for Derwin Gray, The Good Life: What Jesus Teaches about Finding True Happiness based on the beatitudes (June 2). So far it is a good read. I will share more as I get further in on my facebook pages and here. Uncommon Ground: Living Faithfully in a World of Difference compiled by Timothy Keller and John Inazu is still out for the read. I didn’t get too far in since the book launch came in.
By my bed: Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers by Dane Ortlund. I continue to savor this book, and am encouraged by its message.

Rambling Thoughts: Why do we jump to the worst case scenario? Why do we believe the worst, or the craziest things the fastest? I know we have been home too long now because my social media feeds have gone from “we are in this together” to “everything is one big conspiracy and all those other people are awful”. Why do we share so quickly the negative? The outdated? The things that cause us outrage? The things that would be considered slander and gossip? The things that are unsubstantiated or only have a hint of truth? If we have such a strong emotion towards something shouldn’t we do our research and make sure it is true? Make sure we are not adding to the chaos and lies that swirl around and hover over us like a dark rain cloud? It seems to be addictive. I wonder if that is why Paul told the Philippians, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.” (4:8-9) They needed to be reminded of what to think, and that it was something to practice, if they desired peace. There were many negative, hard things, and conspiracies swirling around the people of Philippi. The domain of Rome was a gossip machine, pumping out lies and half truths to convince people of one thing or another, but Paul challenges the people of Philippi to set their minds and hearts above. Out of our mouths and keyboards comes what is in our mind and hearts. May we only share what will give others something that is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy to think about. May we practice this, and may that become our native language, and when the outrage comes, may we find out what is true in it, and go to God to find out if He wants us to cover it in prayer, or to act on it. There is much that can be done, and needs to be done in this season, but spreading anger and fear is one that should not be said of God’s people. Beauty and love are contagious too, may that be what we choose to spread.

Home Life: basics… I started the cleaning, packing, sorting of my son’s stuff from his old apartment. It has been laying out in the garage and in our basement. Nicer weather definitely helps me be more productive.

Fitness and Mental Health: PT exercises for my knee/IT band. Walked quite a bit this week. The weather was beautiful towards the end of the week. I am improving, so I was able to add more hills. Decided I needed a tangible goal this month, so started doing my own push up challenge and plank challenge, add another push up each day and 10 seconds more each day for a plank. The push ups are moving along, decided to stay at 2 minutes for planks until I get stronger.  Mental Health getting outside is important. Taking pictures of signs of life and sharing thoughts on Instagram. Feel free to join me there inkblotlife.com_peggy or just add your own #signsoflife. I jumped into to Hope*writers Community on Instagram’s writing challenge. You can check out all the writers at #hopewriterlife. Having structure and focus has been helpful in getting me to write more, even if it is in shorter form. Putting on the twinkle lights and popping popcorn, lighting candles, and cutting flowers all keep me grounded in what is good beautiful, good, and true.

Giving Thanks: my home, provisions, twinkle lights, Bible Study online, laughter, opportunities to serve again, for family and friends, books that get me thinking, good food, flowers blooming, tree buds swelling, for life and hope, technology to be able to visit other churches and stay in touch with people, entering Phase 1 that gives me hope we are moving forward even if slowly, it is progress, traveling mercies for my husband, that he gets to see my older son, for kind words and thoughtful gifts from my family for Mother’s Day


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