Born (FMF Link Up)

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“Each day the world is born anew for him who takes it rightly.” – James Russell Lowell

Born… I love late Spring when the whole world seems to be coming alive. All seems to be born anew after a long winter’s nap. It is a slow birth with much detail I have noticed. The last few years I have been trying to be more intentional with being present. Due to some injuries, even my exercise time has been opportunities to slow down and notice. I have been walking more, and stopping more. I have been taking time to listen, look, and even smell this new birth, the mud, manure being spread, streams flowing, the blossoms, the sounds of the birds and all their babies begging for food, as if the parents might forget, the chipmunks, red squirrels, and grey squirrels all chatting up a storm. So much life. It reminds me that there is an invitation to join in with all of Creation in declaring God’s glory. There is a reminder to choose to hope for the Kingdom that is being birthed, and to be intentional to see the beauty, and thank the Creator. There is an invitation to join the Creator in birthing new beauty, and shining His light into the darkness. We are invited to be born anew with each new day, full of God’s mercies that He promises are new every morning.



9 thoughts on “Born (FMF Link Up)

  1. The birds seem extra vocal this year, or maybe I’ve finally slowed down enough to hear them. We have lots of birds in our neighborhood, but I’ve been anxiously checking every day on the dove that has nested in my persimmon tree. I’ve lost track of how long she’s been there, maybe a week. I scare away the crows and make sure my son doesn’t throw his ball near that tree. Pretty soon there will be some new life in the world, and I feel like somehow I’ve contributed to that.

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    1. I agree about the birds. That is beautiful. ❤ I think you have contributed. May your heart be full of great joy when that new life springs forth. Enjoy the beauty.


  2. So true! I also notice th e sounds and smells of spring more this year. It’s maybe due to the adversity in the world that I do appreciate God’s creation even more now.

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  3. I am definitely not an exercise enthusiast (more of a whiner) but I have been trying to walk…and the beauty that abounds during this season really makes it a joy!! Creation really does shout God’s glory!!

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  4. The birds are sitting on the wires,
    and talk amonst themselves,
    while the city north expires,
    and looters clear the burning shelves.
    I can’t imagine what God’s thinking,
    juxtaposing birth and hate;
    could it be that He’s been drinking,
    or is this deserved fate
    of a world that’s turned its back
    on all the love He had to give,
    and buried in spiteful attack
    the reasons why we truly live?
    Are birds now His well-favoured crew
    to usher in the bright and new?

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    1. Thank you for the visit and gracing this space with words that express what I am feeling these days. Blessings.


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