Throwback Thursday… sometimes I focus on a thought for a short time and then move on too quickly. I am realizing how often I need to come back to them and give them more attention. As I am usually late to the party, I am now jumping on the old idea of throwback Thursday to revisit some of those ideas… This one has been ringing in my soul this week. How do I help those in authority to make space for my friends of color, my friends of poverty, my friends with rough backgrounds at the table and be allowed to use their voices? No one needs more of my voice, they need more of my friends’ voices who are not being invited to the table, or they have been allowed there, but more in name only. Those of us with definite privilege should advocate for justice and peace, but we need to also advocate for their voices to be heard. They have something to say that we all need to hear it.

Inkblot Life

woman in red lipstick opening her mouth Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Voice…As a first born, independent, assertive big sister type, my tendency is to speak for my friends who do not have a voice, but slowly I am learning, and being reminded that they need my encouragement and space to find and use their own voice. This became evident to me a few years ago with a situation that happened to a friend of mine.

I heard what she said more than once, “they won’t listen to me, they don’t care, they won’t believe me, they won’t do anything about it, I already told them, but they won’t do anything about it.” In my brain it just didn’t make sense, why wouldn’t the police listen or do something for my friend. She had stuff stolen out of her apartment. That is their job. My experience has been you call the police, they come, and…

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