Throwback Thursday… Oh my heart, may we be quick to listen and slow to point out this and that. Nothing is as simple as it looks, and the answers and solutions are more complex and challenging than we choose to believe. May we lean in and humbly listen. May we stop trying to prove our points and opinions, and listen.

Inkblot Life

listenListen….When I hear that word my first thought is this little boy arguing with his mom in a viral video on Youtube, “Listen Linda, Listen”… I have watched it over and over. It cracks me up most of the time. The only problem is this little boy at other times makes me cringe because it reminds me of me with God.

“Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.” (James 1:19) Quick to listen… a NIV Bible search reveals the word listen (not including other forms of it) appears 412 times! Be quick to listen…. too many times I am the little boy in the video telling God what I think, and letting Him know how things are, or should be instead of listening for what He says, and waiting for Him to guide me. I keep repeating myself, wanting to make sure my piece…

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