Bears its Fruit in Season

#throwbackthursday… Revisiting this post on seasons and fruit… I was listening to a podcast and the speaker mentioned how maturity is different at different seasons. A mature apple blossom is different than a mature apple, but both can be fully what they are meant to be in their season of being. I feel like we are in such a weird season. It is easy to judge it and write it off as fruitless, but it might be just a different part of the maturing process. It can still be fully what it is meant to be if I choose to enter in and not disdain it and wish it away. The mature blossom is needed to get an apple. I am reminded of the year I plucked all these dried pods off of our rhododendron in the fall thinking I was helping the plant. In the spring I found out that those dried pods were very important. They would have been beautiful flowers if I had left them, but I saw no need for them and no purpose in the fall. I feel like it is easy to judge things this season as things that I do not need and would like to get past, but I am trying to remember that it has a purpose. It is important to be intentional to be present in what is right now and not miss it because it may be the fruit that I can enjoy later, if I do not try to pluck this away.

Inkblot Life

IMG_1555The first year of growing sunflowers from seed was surprising to me. I had no idea how long it took to bear that magnificent flower. The green was nice, but no flowers for what felt like forever. Being the black thumb that I am, I thought it was my fault, but according to my gardening green thumb friends, they said it takes time and told me to be patient. The flower will come they told me, and it did. Unfortunately a squirrel ate the tops of all but one, but one beautiful, definitely worth the wait flower appeared after many weeks of waiting. I stood in awe and took may photos.

sun2 Photo courtesy of my son.

That was a few years back. The last couple of years I have purchased packets of seeds but never quite managed to get them in the ground until this year. Probably a few weeks…

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