daybookphotoOut my Window: sunny with humidity increasing, hummingbirds letting me know it is time for a refill in their feeders

Enjoying: long walks, beautiful sunsets, jazz music, wild flowers, picnics

Listening to/Watching: Almost done with book 1 Lord of the Rings, moving onto second book The Two Towers  on Audible. Holy Post The interview was very good (47:00ish). Skye Jethani and Dr. Jim Wilder discuss attachment as it pertains to the brain, God, and the Body of Christ. It reminded me a bit of James K.A. Smith’s book, You are What You Love. I added Jim Wilder’s book to my “need to read” list. This week’s podcast was very good too. Interesting discussion about “Disney Princess Theology” that I am pondering. The interview was very inciteful and helpful with race, covid, and making a difference. Also I decided to get up to speed on the Enneagram, (I know, super late to that party) I started listening to Annie F. Downs summers series on the topic at That Sounds Fun . and this one: I listened to the overview and thought how I could relate to quite a few and then listened to just the eights, and felt wow these might be my people. It was a podcast kind of week, I also listened to Scott Sauls interview with Bob Goff. I highly recommend both of them as people, books and interviews. Both such kind, loving souls helping the rest of us see what it looks like walked out.

Reading: The place I stayed had Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens so I started it. I did not read as much as I thought I would so I had to leave it. Not sure if I feel a need to finish it. Definitely beautifully written. I made it a quarter of the way in. I can see why people enjoy it. Just didn’t grab me. I finished re-reading at a slower pace A Gentle Answer: Our ‘Secret Weapon’ in an Age of Us Against Them by Scott Sauls. Simple read but content is one that I will be returning to. Definitely sacred echoes with the whole message of God’s gentleness toward us as our core security being our motivation for interacting with others. 

Rambling Thoughts: The interview about attachment has really sat with me quite a bit. but also his quick quip about maturity. Maturity defined as having all the properties and characteristics of that season. He mentioned that an apple blossom can be mature, as well as an apple. They are both mature for where they are at in the development stages. This thought has me re-thinking and reframing how I am looking at walking with people, and discipling. How do I personally become mature for my stage and season but also what does it look like for those I am walking with in their season? Maturity at the apple blossom season is an interesting thought. What is a fully developed apple blossom, and how do I help there instead of trying to get the apple blossom to become the apple? Only God can move someone into the next part of the process. There are many gifts found in being mature in the season that a person is found. Even as I walk with different teens and young adults, what does it look like to encourage, challenge, and call out the maturity of where they are instead of thinking that maturity is the next season of becoming the mature Christian adult. It short changes the potential of where they are. Much to ponder there.

Fitness and Mental Health: July Goals: working on core and abs/stretching 5xs a week. I found a few youtube channel to help with this.  and a pilates sculpting challenge. Trying to walk/schlogg daily with a few longer walks thrown in there. Mental Health: Exercise is key and continuing to look for beauty. I enjoy sharing it on Instagram I enjoy that space and enjoy following people who speak truth and add beauty into our world at the same time.

Home: Mostly keeping up with the basics, and started weeding the bigger garden that gets very weedy fast.

Giving Thanks: my home, provisions, small group studies, good food, friends who pray, time away with older son, safe travels back, laughing with younger son, husband cleaned extra stuff and killed a large snake that was near the house while I was away, young adults from our last youth group using their gifts and talents to bless our current church, dinner with friends, wild flower bouquet from a friend, opportunities to wrestle through ideas and life with another friend


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