Slow and Mindful

#throwbackthursday… Well another heat wave, another round of slower life for different reasons, but same lessons. Slow down. Be intentional. Pay Attention. The Pilates instructor I have been watching says to trust the process. Somehow this slowing down and trusting the process is still challenging. Now I know the value. I need to take time to reflect often, and make sure I am trusting the process and being intentional in entering this moment.

Inkblot Life

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During the heat wave I knew I needed to be intentional with moving and exercising. For me exercise is part of my mental health, along with the physical benefits. I was extremely conflicted with my goal to not go outside for fear of spontaneously combusting and my need to exercise. I decided videos indoors was best.

I pulled out a DVD I own that is simple yoga. During the video I was reminded that I need to stretch more, but I was also reminded of a deeper reality. The voice over man spoke slowly and peacefully as he told me to move from one position to the next “slowly and mindfully.” In my mind I was moving slowly, but then I would look up at the man on the screen and he was still working his way into that pose. He was only halfway there, so…

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