#ThrowbackThursday… It has been 11 years today since my grandma passed. Seemed fitting to re-share this post. It amazes me how much you can still miss someone over so much time. I miss her laughter and smile. I miss visiting her and playing games. I am so thankful that I had this woman in my life, who loved me well and loved others well too. As I get older and start to ponder her life more, I realize her life was not as easy and glamorous as it appeared. I have come to recognize how much she chose to live and love. She chose joy. She chose to embrace even the hard. My grandma was a strong woman who chose to live life to the full. I am so thankful she invited me along for the ride.

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I am so thankful for the gift of memories. There is no way to pick just one. I started thinking about it and realized some of my favorite memories really aren’t a specific moment with someone but many moments and events. Some of my favorite memories that flood my mind involve my grandma.

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Memories of a candy dish always full of M&Ms, Fresca, Skinny Cows, Fredent gum. The Grandfather Clock in the hall and always music playing in house. Hours of Phase Ten, Skip-bo, Rummy Cube, Scrabble that involved her making comments about my husband any time he would do well, even when he was trying to help her win. She would always say, “Oh I see, that’s how we are going to play.” Don and I would just laugh because he was throwing stuff away, but…

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