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Respect… This has been an interesting year wrestling through what respect means. In 1 Peter 2:17 it says, “Show proper respect to everyone, love the family of believers, fear God, honor the emperor.” Some ladies and I were studying this towards the beginning of all the shutdowns. Peter talks about gentleness and respect a lot. He even gives details in case his readers get confused. As I was reading and studying Peter’s words, that are inspired by the Holy Spirit, I was convicted. I have a special gifting in sarcasm and sometimes snarkiness, especially when dealing with the frustrating and unknown. This year has been much of the frustrating and unknown. There have been faces of those in authority saying and doing things that are frustrating and foreign to me, which tempts me to go full snark. I knew as I studied 1 and 2 Peter that I am called to something different. I am called to love in the way of respect. I am still called to engage, but with respect. I continue to have to move slowly through issues, and methodically plod toward respect. There has been much repenting after a brief overflow of sarcasm aimed at a leader or two in these times. God keeps showing me how this does not help. Sowing discord is never helpful. When it gets really challenging it helps to remember that these people are made in the image of God. I can respect their God givenness in their humanity, imago dei. As I continue practicing, I find myself more prone to be thankful I am not in charge in these crazy days, and praying for wisdom and discernment for those that are. When I am choosing the way of respect, I am finding it leaves room for compassion.

Show me your ways, LORD, teach me your paths.

Psalm 25:4



5 thoughts on “Respect (FMF Link Up)

  1. Respect leaves room for compassion… what a beautiful idea. I too struggle with operating out of “full snark” mode, and have really be aware of it recently. I pray God helps us both to be more like Him when we feel the sarcasm bubbling up.

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  2. Back in the day, I worked the world’s unwashed armpits, and there are those whom I’m compelled to love, but who, by their actions, have rendered themselves undeserving of respect.

    The problem for me is that respect tends now to be equated with Christian love, and they are not at all equal. Christ loved the Temple moneychangers, but in His actions (taking time to not the cords to make a whip), He showed that He did not respect them…and neither should we.

    Compassion, yes. But what they demand, I will fight them to the end.

    I’ll respect you as a person,
    and as a child of God,
    and respect your version
    of faith, though it is flawed.
    But tell me that you have the right
    to burn my house and take my wife,
    then I hope that you are prepared
    for the last fight of your life,
    for I have sworn protection
    to those within my care,
    and my rifle’s my objection
    and you had best beware,
    for while I am compassionate,
    cross the line, your life’s your bet.

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    1. Thank you for visiting and sharing your gift. I am thankful for your thoughts. hmmm definitely something to think about. Difference between Christian love and respect… yes love in all, but plays out differently. The respect issue for me that has been challenging is the one commanded in Scripture of authority. I have landed on respecting their humanity and the position they are in. That is an interesting example the money changers…. because in some ways Jesus’ behavior would have been considered disrespectful to the temple authorities who allowed it. Thank you for giving me much to think about. What does it look like?


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