daybookphotoOut my Window: August… warm temperatures, beautiful blue skies, and fluffy white clouds

Enjoying: long walks, night sky, cut flowers from my garden, learning about the Enneagram, good corn, fresh watermelon

Listening to/Watching: Still haven’t finished Lord of the Rings. Still in podcast mode. Holy Post is part of the weekly playlist. This week was another great interview with much to think about and apply. My book list continues to grow. I enjoyed the guest, Jon Tyson so much that I listened to his interview with Annie F Downs also.  I am still listening to Annie F. Downs’ summer series on the topic of Enneagrams at That Sounds Fun, . I just finished listening to the three and four episodes.

Reading: I finished Beth Moore’s Chasing Vines: Finding Your Way to an Immensely Fruitful Life. She has some really good thoughts and encouragement, but overall it is just okay. I guess I wanted more. I did appreciate her chapter on soil. I felt like it added depth to my understanding abiding.

God alone knows how often I miss the new thing He’s doing because I think I know how life should go.

Our fruit best reflects the Vine when it deliberately leaves room at the edges- for the marginalized, the cornered, the oppressed, the mistreated, the harassed, and the abused. That’s where Jesus went, and that’s who Jesus sought.

I signed up for two book launches. Susie Larson has a devotional coming out September 1, I appreciate her morning and evening blessings that she shares on her facebook page. I am looking forward to getting an advance look at this devotional. I also applied to be on Adam Weber’s book launch team for his new book, Love Has a Name: Learning to Love the Different, the Difficult, and Everyone Else.  I am amazed at how many books were written earlier, and are so perfect for the season of the world we are in. This one is due out August 25.

I have been reading Skye Jethani’s book, What if Jesus was Serious? It is a simple read with some profound thoughts. The layout is more of a devotional format than a chapter book. It is very creatively presented with doodles and short chapters. I would have liked more meat from him because I know he can go deep and wide, but I think his format makes the book appealing to a larger audience. I will have a full review this week for Moody Publishing.

Rambling Thoughts: Trust the process… I have been thinking about why I wrestle so much with walking. It is supposed to be a good exercise. I love the beauty I see and hear when I am walking, instead of jogging. There is something in me that feels like it isn’t really exercise, or it can’t be that good for you because it seems too easy. Then there’s Pilates, my back feels better and I can tell that my core is coming along, but it seems too easy. Like it can’t actually be good for you. The instructor says often, “trust the process.” I guess I don’t really trust the process in many areas. If it seems too easy, then it must not be as good as something else. I can feel a run, or a “Shred” video, but walking and Pilates feel like I’m cheating, or only getting a small benefit. I know this is not true, but this mindset is something I am realizing I wrestle with. Even with God, it has to be big or hard for it to count, but why can’t it be something that works with how I am designed? or something I enjoy? So I am learning to listen better to my body and schlog a little and walk much more, and receive the gift that Pilates is helping heal my body, along with the gentle rhythms God seems to be ordering these days. I am learning what it looks like to trust the process, instead of forcing rhythms and enjoying the journey, allowing it to do its work in time.

Fitness and Mental Health: August Goals: Would like to do two workouts a week that involve resistance, and then continuing with Pilates and walks/schlogs. Mental Health: Exercise is key and continuing to look for beauty. Working on Scripture memory again and keeping track of days again. Jumping into a reading through the gospels in a month. June went well with all of that and then July I didn’t do any of the structured part and got lost a bit again. I don’t like feeling like I haven’t done anything, or losing track of days. I am realizing I need to keep the extra structure in many areas right now.

Home: Mostly keeping up with the basics. Started trimming the hedges.

Giving Thanks: my home, provisions, getting to visit good friends,  laughter, games, bond fire, late night chats, vegetables and flowers growing in my gardens, fresh berries, walks and schlogs, watching people step up to love and serve a friend in need, watching both my boys use their gifts and talents, book launch community, praying friends, getting to serve in a new way this week


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