daybookphotoOut my Window: Crickets chirping, overcast sky, blue jays yelling at one another, hanging plant basket still blooming

Enjoying: long walks, cut flowers from my garden, laughter, night sky, pinks and blues of  sunsets, all the varieties of plants and colors in the world, Edy’s Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream slow churned

Listening to/Watching: It was a podcast kind of week. I caught up on the last 2 weeks of the Holy Post Podcast. I was thankful to learn about the AND Campaign in Episode 416.  Definitely worth the listen and exploration. It gave me hope for the future of politics. I am still working my way through Annie F. Downs’ summer podcasts on the Enneagram. This week I finished listening to the 5s and 6s. I also listened to the Barna Groups’ interview with Jon Tyson. This was a different angle than the other two I had previously listened to with him, as this one was focused more on ministry and how it has looked and will look. It was a very interesting podcast. I gleaned some good ideas, and appreciated some of the thoughts on engaging culture and church in this season of the world.

Reading: I started reading The Pursuit of the Holy: A Divine Invitation by Simon Ponsonby. So far it has been a good read. This one is my bedside reading. This week I am planning on digging out Rats of NIMH to read. I am still craving and needing story. After listening to a three interviews with Jon Tyson I had to pick up his book Beautiful Resistance: The joy of conviction in the culture of compromise. So that will be my next read.

I signed up for two book launches. Susie Larson has a devotional coming out September 1, I appreciate her morning and evening blessings that she shares on her facebook page. I am looking forward to getting an advance look at this devotional. The e-version has been so good, she is an encourager and reminder of truth, especially of God’s promises. I also applied to be on Adam Weber’s book launch team for his new book, Love Has a Name: Learning to Love the Different, the Difficult, and Everyone Else.  I am amazed at how many books were written earlier, and are so perfect for the season of the world we are in. This one is due out August 25.

I finished my review for Skye Jethani’s book, What if Jesus was Serious?

Started a Book Study with my Ladies’ Small Groups, The Good Life: What Jesus Teaches about Finding True Happiness by Derwin Gray. It is a study on the Beatitudes.

Rambling Thoughts: I am so thankful for the beautiful souls who continue to love God and love others. I am thankful for those who take their passions and find ways to redeem this world. I am very thankful for those who believe thy Kingdom come, thy will be done is an invitation into a greater story for the good of the world. Over the last bunch of months it has been easy to get downhearted by good people I know who are obsessed with proving how good or bad or wrong certain things are. I have friends overwhelmed with borderline hate of leaders, I have friends who share posts that I have to question their motive and purpose. I do not understand. I have dear people fearmongering and those who are paralyzed by fear, and others who seem to be high on anger. But then I go out and see kindness. I serve along with some wonderful people that are choosing to have skin in the game. I have friends who although deeply hurt by injustice, still choose to engage and educate. I am encouraged by groups that have formed to allow for civil discourse, and those that are finding ways forward despite differences with others. I am thankful for those that share beauty and joy. I am thankful for those who remind us to look and listen as the wise Tolkien once penned, “The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.” I am thankful for those who are intentionally adding and looking for the fair and lovely. Thy Kingdom Come…

Fitness and Mental Health: August Goals: have morphed. I have had a buzzing in my ear for almost 3 weeks now. I actually went to the doctor, (see here for my over a year avoidance which if you know me is a big deal. So meds seem to make me tired, and then the heat melts me. I have been walking a lot, just not daily like I desired. I have been doing Pilates or other exercises here and there, but not as consistent as I was hoping. Mental Health: Exercise is key and continuing to look for beauty. Working on Scripture memory again and keeping track of days again. (Started on Thursday, finally. Definitely good disciplines for me.) I have been reading through the gospels this month. Jesus continues to amaze me and challenge me.

Home: Mostly keeping up with the basics.

Giving Thanks: my home, provisions, exploring a botanical garden with a friend,  laughter, vegetables and flowers growing in my gardens, walks and schlogs, praying friends, so many types of plants and flowers, chocolate from a friend, serving with a friend, Census job starting up, generous friend helping me get my hair done, kind notes, organizations and people who are trying to walk out Jesus’ teachings, freedom to meet, little kids laughing and learning


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